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Google home page = chrome page

Those nice people at Google, engineers at heart rather than craven, money-grabbing business people, seem to have suffered a sudden attack of commercialism.

The folks at the Silicon Alley Insider alerted me to this startlingly commercial ad on the Google home page. It can’t be, I thought. So I went to myself and there it still was: a dry little thing in the right-hand corner suggesting that I should download Google Chrome.

You might be wondering why Google might have taken this sudden, almost alarming step into advertising’s dark hole.

You might consider that it comes soon after Google’s extremely engaging Chrome campaign, the one that comes over all Picasso.

You might wonder whether the company has had enough of browser war talk and decided to enact browser war mayhem.

You might also wonder whether, following the rumors of a Google phone, the company has decided that it has had enough of its nice-guy persona. Like a priest who’s renounced his vows in order to play the field, Google is going to make a grab for every last dollar in the technological space.

Whatever the reason, it all seems rather sweet. Which is just how Google wants it to seem.

via Cnet

Intel moves towards laptop grphics

Intel's next-generation graphics technology due for introduction at the Consumer Electronics Show.Intel will focus on next-generation laptop technology that combines graphics functions with the main processor, in the wake of the cancellation of its initial “Larrabee” graphics processor.

Despite the market-rattling news from Intel late on Friday–which pushed rival Nvidia’s stock up more than 12 percent on Monday–Intel still remains the leader in the high-volume “integrated” graphics market.

And the world’s largest chipmaker is about to up the ante in this market for low-cost graphics technology, which many consumers opt for instead of high-performance chips from Nvidia or Advanced Micro Devices’s ATI unit.

Later this month, Intel will unveil the first product, codenamed “Pine Trail”, that puts the graphics function directly onto the same piece of silicon as the main “CPU” processor, a major departure from current technology which puts the graphics in a separate piece of ancillary silicon called the chipset.

This will be followed quickly by a CPU-graphics combination chip for laptops dubbed “Arrandale.”

Integrating the graphics function onto the CPU is a feat that AMD–despite its purchase of graphics chip giant ATI in 2006–has yet to achieve.

“This is the next logical step in further integration brought to us by Moore’s Law,” said Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, which tracks the graphics chip market.

“This is where the volume of sales are,” said Peddie, referring to the segment of the market that the processor targets. Arrandale is expected to be rolled out at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

As a new feature, the chip will be able to accelerate so-called “drag-and-drop transcoding” in Windows 7. Transcoding converts, for instance, a movie on a PC to a format that makes it viewable on an iPhone or iPod. This won’t be available immediately, however, Intel said Monday. It will come soon after the introduction of the processor as a “driver update.”

The Arrandale chip will not support Microsoft’s DirectX-11 mutlimedia acceleration technology for Windows 7. At least not right away. “It’s on the roadmap,” according to Intel. But this technology is not widely supported across product lines by any graphics chip supplier currently.

Intel also said Monday that it will continue development work on future standalone graphics products. “We haven’t stopped investing in many-core graphics architectures,” an Intel spokesperson said.

Coke comes up with Green vending machines

Coca-Cola said Thursday that it will eliminate a major greenhouse gas in its new vending machines and coolers, raising the bar for climate-friendly refrigeration in the food and beverage industry.

Coke’s Chief Executive Muhtar Kent said that the company, which sells everything from soda and juice drinks to water, will replace hydrofluorocarbon, also known as HFC, in its new vending machines and coolers by 2015.

While Coke’s 10 million vending machines, coolers and other refrigeration equipment around the world keep its drinks chilled, they also are the biggest contributor to the company’s carbon footprint.

Coca-Cola's HFC-free vending machine The sticker on this Coca-Cola vending machine reads: “This Cooler is from the Future. Wait, that’s Now. This cooler is an HFC-free pioneer, reducing direct green house gas emissions by 99% and energy consumption by up to 40%.”

Together the refrigeration systems emit 15 million metric tons of greenhouse gases each year–about 40 percent of the company’s total.

Greenhouse gases from hydrofluorocarbons are partly blamed for global climate change and are expected to make up 28 percent to 45 percent of carbon emissions by 2050.

That has prompted the food and beverage industry to find other ways to cool products and cut their environmental impact. Earlier this year Pepsico launched a pilot program for greener vending machines with carbon-dioxide cooling.

Coke executives said that carbon dioxide is the company’s preferred replacement, followed by hydrocarbon refrigeration.

While carbon dioxide is a global-warming gas, proponents point to its lower environmental impact–more than 1,400 times less than conventional refrigerants.

To ramp up the transition to greener machines, Coke and its bottling partners will buy 150,000 units of HFC-free equipment in 2010, doubling the company’s current pace for buying the systems.

“Our hope is that our initial investments will trigger adoption by other companies in the food and beverage industry,” Kent said in a conference call with reporters.

He added that wider adoption will help drive the cost of the replacement technology down.

Coke has invested $50 million in research for climate friendly replacements. The company expects the move to greener equipment to cut its emissions by nearly 53 million metric tons–the equivalent of taking 11 million cars off the road for a year–over the 10-year life-span of the equipment.

Even as businesses like Coke take their own initiative, regulations on HFC are needed eventually, Gerd Leipold, former executive director of Greenpeace International said Thursday. The environmental activist group helped jump start Coke’s move to greener refrigeration several years ago.

Google acquires EtherPad online collaboration tool

Google, probably the most prominent advocate of moving traditional productivity software such as word processors online, acquired a small company called AppJet whose EtherPad service fits into that agenda.

AppJet announced the Google acquisition Friday. “The EtherPad team will continue its work on real-time collaboration by joining the Google Wave team,” the site said.

AppJet offered free and premium versions of its service, which could import Microsoft Word documents, Web pages, PDFs, and plain text files, and let groups of people edit them collectively on what it called pad. A “time-slider” feature let people look back at earlier incarnations of a pad.

Google Wave has similarities. It’s a sort of hybrid between instant messaging, wikis, and e-mail. Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt sees Google Wave as the future of collaboration, in particular given its intrinsically networked nature and its real-time view of what collaborating people are up to.

That real-time collaboration is a thorny problem. It can be difficult to permit multiple people permission to edit the same document at the same time while ensuring one person’s changes don’t interfere with another’s work. And showing simultaneous work complicates a service’s user interface, too.

Google Docs–the online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation services–also offers some simultaneous editing abilities. AppJet dings it in its EtherPad FAQ.

“With Google Docs it takes about 5 to 15 seconds for a change to make its way from your keyboard to other people’s screens,” the site said. “Imagine if whiteboards or telephones had this kind of delay!”

Google Wave and Google Docs are perhaps the closest rivals to AppJet, but in the big picture, the rivalry is between cloud computing and the way most people use productivity software today, on their PCs. Notably, though, Microsoft is working on an online version of its dominant Office suite.

Current EtherPad users should brace themselves for the end of the service: “If you are a user of the Free Edition or Professional Edition, you can continue to use and edit your existing pads until March 31, 2010. No new free public pads may be created. Your pads will no longer be accessible after March 31, 2010, at which time your pads and any associated personally identifiable information will be deleted,” AppJet said.

That left one user, JavaScript programmer and jQuery project creator, John Resig, unhappy.

“Super-lame that Etherpad is shutting down. We used it all the time for jQuery planning,” Resig said in a tweet on Friday.

Dell opens up communication unit

Showing it’s serious about smartphones, Dell is reorganizing the company around its newest product.

Dell is forming a new communications business unit to be helmed by Ron Garriques, a former Motorola executive brought in to run Dell’s consumer business two years ago, Reuters first reported Friday. Dell officials confirmed that the consumer group will be folded into the small and medium business group run by Steve Felice.

Dell started selling its first smartphone at the end of November in China and Brazil only. The new unit run by Garriques will develop hardware and software for phones and other mobile Internet devices.

Dell has recently fallen even further behind its once-lofty perch as the world’s biggest producer of PCs. It is now No. 3 behind Hewlett-Packard and Acer, both of which offer consumers computers and smartphones. The company is, like most consumer hardware makers, increasingly moving to smaller mobile computers like smartphones and laptops as the desktop market has cratered.

Apple interested in technology from Lala

Is this man unbeatable in the digital-music sector?

Apple acquired Lala on Friday, unlikely offering much for the streaming-music service.

Sources with knowledge of the discussion told Cnet Apple is interested in bringing some of Lala’s engineers onboard. According to the sources, Apple is impressed by Lala’s technology. The 4-year-old Lala scans users’ hard drives and creates a duplicate music library that they can access from Web-enabled devices. The company also sells songs for a dime each.

via CNET

Tata Nano goes Green

India’s Tata Group says it is planning to produce hybrid versions of its Nano, billed as the world’s cheapest car.

Ratan Tata, the chairman of both Tata Group and Tata Motors – the biggest vehicle producer in India – made the comments on a visit to South Korea.

A hybrid vehicle typically uses two or more distinct power sources to move it, usually petrol or diesel and a battery.

Mr Tata also said that low-priced goods would drive sales faster than high-end ones in India.

And he predicted this so-called price revolution would also continue to spread across the world.

The chairman did not provide any further details on the possible launch of cheap hybrid versions.

The Nano, whose basic model costs 100,000 rupees ($2,155; £1,306), was first delivered in India in July this year.

Google’s chrome OS to launch soon

Google’s Chrome OS project, first announced in July, will become available for download within a week, we’ve heard from a reliable source. Google previously said to expect an early version of the OS in the fall.

What can we expect? Driver support will likely be a weak point. We’ve heard at various times that Google has a legion of engineers working on the not so glamorous task of building hardware drivers. And we’ve also heard conflicting rumors that Google is mostly relying on hardware manufacturers to create those drivers. Whatever the truth, and it’s likely in between, having a robust set of functioning drivers is extremely important to Chrome OS’s success. People will want to download this to whatever computer they use and have it just work.

We expect Google will be careful with messaging around the launch, and endorse a small set of devices for installation. EEE PC netbooks, for example, may be one set of devices that Google will say are ready to use Chrome OS. There will likely be others as well, but don’t expect to be able to install it on whatever laptop or desktop machine you have from day one. Google has previously said they are working with Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba on the project.

We’ve seen convincing and not so convincing screenshots of Chrome OS over the last several months. The good news is the speculation is about to end, and you can try it out yourself. If you have one of the supported devices, that is.

via Techcrunch

Lucknow Top 50 twitter users






1 mtaram
(Utkarsh Verma)
Blogger, Web designer, Dreamer, and love to read and kill time… Lucknow, Pune [Tweet Them]
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2 rockinfuture
(Satyesh Kumar Singh)
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3 swatantraawaz
Graphics/Web Designer Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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4 iiml
(IIM Lucknow)
IIM Lucknow Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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5 onlineravi
LUCKNOW [Tweet Them]
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6 anoopdreams
(anoop kumar singh)
an unknown mystery lucknow [Tweet Them]
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7 supernova514
(Saurabh Srivastava)
IIM L 2010 batch. IT BHU 2004 batch. Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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8 bharatjhurani
IIML grad. In the profession of selling chocolates.. n tonnes of them!!! Lucknow > Vizag [Tweet Them]
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9 siddharth_misra
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10 preethij
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11 stonedwasherman
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12 siddharthashok
Web developer. Graphics designer. Love to play computer games. Thinks about mother earth. Lucknow, Varanasi. INDIA [Tweet Them]
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13 sidart
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14 anu4udilse
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If am any problem in Web Development/ Designing feel free to contact me.. Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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15 anpara
fARzi Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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16 arvmis
Fair,Helpful,46 yrs,Amiable,Like Sanskrit and Vedic Learning and Philosophy, Computers, Taxation,Finance,Law,Hindustani Classical Music Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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I’m Chhotu and 0.. But LOKENDRA is… L- Lovable, O- Obedient, K- Kind, E- Emperor, N- Nepenthes, D- Defiant, R- Realistic, A- Abnegator… Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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Google Go

The Go Web site ( explains the rationale behind creating Go, mostly citing the change of the computer landscape that’s occurred over the past decade or so that’s seen very few (if any) major systems languages spring up: more powerful PCs, many of which use multicore processors; increased dependency management in software that’s not reflected in the “header files” of C-based languages; the growing desire for dynamically typed languages (such as Python and JavaScript) instead of type systems such as Java and C++); and the poor support for concepts such as garbage collection and parallel computation.

Google says that Go takes full advantage of modern, multicore hardware; that it simplifies dependency analysis and avoids the overhead present in C-style languages (such as files and libraries); that Go’s type system has no hierarchy, which saves the programmer from having to define relationships between types; and that Go is fully garbage-collected and naturally supports concurrent execution and communication.

If you’re interested in getting started with Go, or you just want to learn more about its inner workings, is loaded with tutorials, manuals, FAQs, and other documentation for easy assimilation . There’s even a section devoted to C++ programmers who want to learn Go. Also there to be found are code samples, such as the traditional beginning to all studies, “Hello, world!”:

05    package main<br>
07 import fmt “fmt” // Package implementing formatted I/O.<br>
09 func main() { 10 fmt.Printf(“Hello, world; or Καλημέρα κόσμε; or こんにちは 世界\n”);<br>
11 }

It’s way too early to tell, of course, what the impact of Go on programmers or programming will be. But we have a feeling that in this way, as in so many others, quite a few people will fall behind Google and look at this as a convenient way of writing programs for modern hardware. If it won’t spell the end of the various programming languages in common use, it will undoubtedly represent at least the start of a major C change.