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Woman Arrest Law in INDIA

An incident took place in Pune – a young girl was attacked by a man
posing as a plain clothes officer; he asked her 2 come 2 the police
station when she & her male friend didn’t have a driver’s license 2
show. He sent the boy off 2 get his license and asked the girl to
accompany him to the police station. Took her instead to an isolated
area where the horrendous crime was committed. The law [which most of
us are not aware of clearly states that between 6 pm and 6 am, a
woman has the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station, even if an
arrest warrant has been issued against her. It is a procedural issue
that a woman can be arrested between 6am and 6pm, ONLY if she is
arrested by a woman officer & taken to an ALL WOMEN police station.
And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a
woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.

Everyone in this country must know this.

Why prices of RAM are sky high?

I have been buying computer parts since last 10 years or so and I have observed a trend in the prices of computer memory. The prices tend to rise up every year or so and then fall.


But this year it has been exorbitantly high. I had bought 2gb Transcend stick for my notebook about an year before for INR 1100 that is around $20 and now the prices are almost double and reached in the range of INR 2000 to INR 2500 [$40 – $50].


What could be the reasons?

The phasing out of technology.

There was time when I used to hunt for SDRAM for my old machine and when I found it it was way more than the DDR RAM. Then when I was looking for the DDR RAM for my second computer in the age of DDR2 RAM I had to burn a hole in my student pocket to get one. And now its happening to DDR2 RAM as more and more manufacturers are moving in favour of newer, faster, power efficient, and larger latencies. RAM will get harder to find and there will be a day when you will have to get it online only as retailers will stop ordering new stocks and just get the slowly standardized DDR3 which is either 1333 or 1066. Since these are basically more efficient and cheaper to produce than the older DDR2, more people will start buying these if their motherboards are compatible.

And one more reason by the ITNERD

German RAM manufacturer Qimonda went bankrupt. This sent RAM prices up about 26% on the spot market. Basically, the assumption is that supplies which have been beyond healthy will tighten. But ARS does point this out:

…even if Qimonda ceased production tomorrow, the DRAM supply glut is so severe that there won’t be a shortage any time soon. Presumably, the IDC report factors in the drop in PC demand, both consumer and enterprise, that the industry faces in 2009.

So in short, we the consumers are being screwed…. Again.

Why India is so hot this year

The month of March 2010 was characterized by above normal temperatures over Delhi. The month started on a warm note with both maximum and minimum temperatures 5-6 Degrees C above their normal values. It was only during the second week when they were near normal.


The graph shows a lot of deviation in the temperature of Delhi. This is the same with all the cities across the country. The temperatures are at all time high. After 2005 this year has broken all the past records.

Patna experienced the hottest April in last 10 years and a new analysis of global surface temperatures released by NASA showed that the past decade was the warmest ever on Earth.

For India the major reason is a large anti-cyclonic follow over northwest and central India that caused downward motion of warm air.

“The subsidence warming, when combined with lack of moisture and a practically cloudless sky, re-sulted in more insulation and persistently high temperatures”. as said by the IMD sources.

Obama’s Palm’s Hidden message or mere publicity message?

I wonder at the news which said that OBAMA”s Hand form a strange kind of a sign which means a curse for this world!!! The Russians were the first to pick this viral message up and pass it to the whole world.



I wonder where are we going?. The digital media advancements have gone from Paid journalism to paid WOM, but do we also make messages on the sake of other’s reputation and merely coin the money?. Is it right? or is it not?.  How far making an issue our of nothing and coining it is successful?. I think what more can i hear now?. Cows coming from Space? or a man giving birth to a child?!!!

IPL : affiliations and IPR issue BUZZ

For Google, IPL’s YouTube partnership is so important that they have started promoting a specially created page for IPL.
Worldwide, Google has promoted a few products (like Droid) on the homepage, but I believe this is the first time, Google India is promoting a landing page from


The special landing page created for IPL 2010 is nothing but a major attempt to promote the IPL’s YouTube channel since Youtube has grabbed the 2 year right to Exclusive web telecast of IPL. Worldwide, this is the first major sporting event to be live-streamed on YouTube and as part of the deal, YouTube will also offer users a exclusive unique feed not available on any other media platform of all IPL matches.

MAX, the official broadcaster of DLF Indian Premier League (IPL), has entered into an alliance with Sun Direct to telecast IPL matches in high-definition (HD) format on the Sun Direct platform. IPL cricket matches on HD broadcast will give a unique and new world-class experience to millions of passionate cricket lovers in India

ipl-logo Vs  colors thumb Media Monday: IPL counter strategy by Channels will it
 work? imagne thumb Media Monday: IPL counter strategy by Channels will it
 work? starone thumb Media Monday: IPL counter strategy by Channels will 
it work? starplus thumb Media Monday: IPL counter strategy by Channels will 
it work?

IPL may be a hit among masses but we are sure that it’s a nightmare for marketing guys of all other channels (except Set Max). All major entertainment channels started preparing long back to counter IPL

image India’s most popular and single-destination mobile value-added services (VAS) provider, Indiatimes 58888, has announced a tie-up with vRock Mobile Communications to offer DLF IPL content to its users.
The tie-up will enable Indiatimes users not only to enjoy live IPL action, including live mobile commentary, SMS alerts and interactive voice response, they will also get a chance to participate in contests and win attractive prizes.
, the oldest television network in the United Kingdom, has been awarded the exclusive broadcasting rights for DLF-IPL III.
This is a landmark event. About 20 million households in the UK will be able to see the IPL III matches live with ITV’s free-to-air service. UK is the biggest market for cricket outside India and the IPL’s aim was to reach them.

Apalya Technologies, owners of the  “MiMobiTV” service, partnered with Global Cricket Ventures (GCV), which establishes Apalya as the exclusive mobile, live video streaming provider for all Indian Premier League (IPL) matches for the next three years, including the forthcoming 2010 IPL season.  The rights granted cover live video streaming for all mobile platforms worldwide for the IPL on an exclusive basis.

UFO Moviez is targeting a revenue of Rs 500 million by showing the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches across 1,000 screens in India, presenting a case for rich dividends in future from theatrical exploitation.
The company has so far signed contracts for 650 screens and hopes to seal deals that would enable it to spread its net across 1,000 screens during the course of the event.

Karbon Mobile comes on as Operating sponsor for ipl for 3 years and also as main sponsor for ipl nights. biggest single sponsor of IPL

The News Broadcasters Association, the body of top news channels, announced that all its members would boycott the IPL. Talks between IPL and official broadcaster SET Max and the news channel broke down when IPL/SET Max refused to consider any of the issues raised by NBA and said the terms set down by them for coverage were non-negotiable.
This means there will be no surround sound about IPL matches on TV channels, although the game itself would be telecast by SET Max. This is bound to reduce the buzz around the IPL tournament as news channels not only report the matches, but also analyse the games.

If you have any grand plans of watching the Indian Premiere League (IPL) T-20 matches on the big screen, you can forget it if your favourite restaurant or mall there doesn’t have permission. You may also want to see. The permission has to be got from distributors holding exclusive live telecast rights for the matches starting March 12.


Right Ya Wrong’ starring Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma and Isha Kopikar hits theatres on Friday, coinciding with the commencement of the IPL III matches, the famous director feels that notwithstanding the IPL fever, a good film will always draw audiences to the theatres.
No IPL can stop a good film from running. The love for watching films in theatres will always be there. After all, people too want to see good films. ‘… iski ticket ki bhi bahut value hain agar picture sachi hain toh’ (If a film is sincere in its aim to entertain the audience, its ticket hold a great value).

International news agencies including the Associated Press said they will not cover this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament later this month because of new IPL rules restricting where and how tournament news can be distributed.
The News Media Coalition, the international body that monitors attempts by sporting events to control news coverage, said a number of media organisations were concerned about the IPL rules.
“Newspapers in India and abroad are also known to be reconsidering their plans for coverage,” the NMC said in a statement. “As many publishers the world over rely upon news agencies for news material, the stance taken by the IPL can only serve to limit news and free promotional value of their event and brand.”
News agencies want the IPL to remove or change rules that forbid distribution of tournament coverage to subscribers whose business affiliations or publishing methods IPL finds objectionable.
The media also objected to the limits IPL seeks to impose on the frequency of news and photo updates posted on the Internet while matches are in progress.

And finally what the official IPL Tweeter Lalit Modi had to say. Social Media exploitation at its best.


We would like to have your opinion on the post. If we have missed out on anything please feel free to let us know.

Adam – The Indian iPad killer

Apple’s iPad was, it’s fair to say, awaited with the kind of breathless anticipation usually reserved by nubile nymphets for rakish rockers.
But even as consumers rave about it, the technoscenti are already looking ahead ─ to a product that could make the iPad seem outdated, and, what’s more, is completely Made in India.

India is, of course, regarded as a software superpower but hasn’t really made waves in IT hardware so far. That could soon change, thanks to the Adam tablet PC of Hyderabad-based Notion Ink. Adam has generated enormous buzz on tech websites and gadget blogs ever since an early prototype was first demonstrated at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world’s largest consumer tech trade show in January this year… Continue reading on  Time of India

Is 2010 going to be the year of e-reading?

With Apple launching its iPad it has become clear that ereading is going to be a serious business in coming years. To me iPad currently is nothing more than a GIANT iPhone which Apple would use to sell Books on the same lines as that of iPod, remember the iTunes store? iPad has a new application called iBooks which includes iBookstore, which allows users to purchase content that will be displayed on their virtual bookshelf. Apple announced deals with five major book partners, including Macmillan and HarperCollins.

Apple iPad Touch Tablet ConceptAmazon on the other hand wants to bring the iPads multi touch to the Kindle. To do so they have bought Touchco, a startup of around six employees and Amazon plans on incorporating both the new personnel and technology into its Kindle hardware division, named Lab126, which is located in Cupertino, Calif. – also home to Apple.
Amazons purchase of Touchco can be thought of as a direct response to Apple’s iPad, and the technology acquired could be included in the next iteration of its Kindle e-reader. Amazon has been looking to compete with Apple on other fronts as well. Last month, it announced plans for a Kindle applications store and an effort to get developers to create the same breadth of programs for the Kindle that they have created for the iPhone and, soon, the iPad.
Amazon has also decided to charge less for e-books in part to make the purchase of its Kindle e-book reader more palatable and create reader interest in a new format.

There has been a new entrant in the battel filed the “Pi”. A homegrown company has introduced its own e-book reader that, at least by the looks of it, has what it needs to take on the biggies in the business.This is by far India’s first attempt at making an e-book reader of our own that has actually materialized and the product is ready for “consumption”. The Pi is made by shopping portal Infibeam which currently offers over one lakh books for Indian readers via its portal The Pi gives its users a cool option to upload their own content via a USB. In future, you can also expect a lot of newspaper and publications to the list of reading materials. The Pi, apart from being just an e-book reader, also happens to be a music player. It has 512MB of ROM and supports upto 4GB of memory with SD cards.

Amidst all this hassle there has been no major update from sony who were the first to come up with digital ink and epaper format and the very first to launch a ebook reader based on the same technology. One thing has always been clear about Sony’s line of e-readers: they’re arguably the sleekest and most elegant dedicated electronic-reading devices out there today (in a pre-Apple Tablet world, at least).

Sony launched Reader Daily Edition PRS-900, Sony’s first e-reader to include built-in 3G wireless service for accessing e-books wirelessly from Sony’s Reader Store. The move to wireless is a big deal for Sony, because it allows the company to compete directly, from a features standpoint, with the Kindle and other e-readers like the Barnes & Noble Nook, which bundle in “free” cellular connectivity.

We would like to know about our readers’ opinions, what do you all think about it? Please leave your comments.

Coming soon: a comparison of all four.

Symbiosis Pune – more than 150 students hospitalized due to food poisoning

UPDATE: Management has still not taken any strict action agains the mess contractor and instead they have blamed the hawkers that sell tea and other eateries outside the campus on the college road. The food that we get on the road is far better than the mess food and the management blaming them is a direct indication of them being on the side of the contractor. I apeal to all the suffered students and other to help us get them changed if not penalized. It has been a severe crime playing with the lives of more than a hundred students of which some are still hospitalized. Many who have been discharged are still not in condition to attend the classes.

Some students have been discharged from the hospitals and few more have been admitted later in the day on 19th. Management says that all students are fine and recovering. The reality is better witnessed in the campus in the form of the fear of mess food in students’ eyes. People have stopped eating in mess.

hostelYesterday [18 Jan] more than 150 students of Symbiosis Infotech Campus, Pune had to be admitted to at least four different hospitals due to food poisoning. Several students complained of health issues and vommiting after the dinner and were rushed to hospitals.

On the other hand the management says that not many students ate at the college mess. I doubt that because that is not possible on a weekday that too a tuesday. And by saying so the management itself says that the food they provide is so bad that students prefer to eat outside despite the mess fee being compulsory for all students.

There have been several complains for the food quality but all fell on deaf ears. At times they dont even follow the pre decided menu. People even have found roaches and glass shards in food. The mess contract is handled by Tammana group of hotels. Leave the mess food the service they offer at their restraunt a few meters from campus is also not worth mentioning. They are too bad at service but still they have the contract we dont understand why.

Here is the story in different colours as covered by media…

NDTV PtiNews India Today Haryana News Sify and more

I am a student of Symbiosis Centre for IT which is in same campus with SIIB and SCMHRD and we have common infrastucture including the mess which some news has mentioned as “canteen”.

Looking forward to proper action being taken on this.

Information Technology Entrepreneurship and Leadership Forum (ITELF)

There are unleashed talents waiting to sprout, tired rainmakers who are striving for an opportunity to start their own ventures and there are some truly enlighten souls who believe they have something more to offer in this world.

If you aspire to own your competitive advantage, challenge the conventional thinking and be a part of revolution and want to be a trailblazer in the Information Technology and Management field, look no further than Information Technology Entrepreneurship and Leadership Forum (iT ELF) at SCIT. We provide an opportunity to discover and nurture the entrepreneurial spirits.

SCIT is known for creating global IT professionals who are trained to be leaders and unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. iT ELF is an endeavor of SCIT that works as a catalyst for nurturing entrepreneurial talents; it is also a resource centre creating awareness relating to entrepreneurship and leadership in education and also providing direction relating to entrepreneurship development and management.

Twitter – forbidden passwords

Below this text is a list of passwords not accepted by Twitter in their signup process. The list is copied from the HTML source at You might call it the flip side of a dictionary attack, a list of common passwords that they won’t let you use, perhaps because they detected attacks trying to hack accounts with these passwords.

They’re not the only bad passwords out there, but you’d probably do well to avoid all these for other services as well.

111111 dakota maverick sophie
112233 dallas maxwell spanky
121212 daniel melissa sparky
123123 danielle member spider
123456 debbie mercedes squirt
1234567 dennis merlin srinivas
131313 diablo michael startrek
232323 diamond michelle starwars
654321 doctor mickey steelers
666666 doggie midnight steven
696969 dolphin miller sticky
777777 dolphins mistress stupid
7777777 donald monica success
8675309 dragon monkey summer
987654 dreams monkey sunshine
aaaaaa driver monster superman
abc123 eagle1 morgan surfer
abc123 eagles mother swimming
abcdef edward mountain sydney
abgrtyu einstein muffin taylor
access erotic murphy tennis
access14 extreme mustang teresa
action falcon naked tester
albert fender nascar testing
alexis ferrari nathan theman
amanda firebird naughty thomas
amateur fishing ncc1701 thunder
andrea florida newyork thx1138
andrew flower nicholas tiffany
angela flyers nicole tigers
angels football nipple tigger
animal forever nipples tomcat
anthony freddy oliver topgun
apollo freedom orange toyota
apples gandalf packers travis
arsenal gateway panther trouble
arthur gators panties trustno1
asdfgh gemini parker tucker
asdfgh george password turtle
ashley giants password twitter
august ginger password1 united
austin golden password12 vagina
badboy golfer password123 victor
bailey gordon patrick victoria
banana gregory peaches viking
barney guitar peanut voodoo
baseball gunner pepper voyager
batman hammer phantom walter
beaver hannah phoenix warrior
beavis hardcore player welcome
bigdaddy harley please whatever
bigdog heather pookie william
birdie helpme porsche willie
bitches hockey prince wilson
biteme hooters princess winner
blazer horney private winston
blonde hotdog purple winter
blondes hunter pussies wizard
bond007 hunting qazwsx xavier
bonnie iceman qwerty xxxxxx
booboo iloveyou qwertyui xxxxxxxx
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boston jackie racing yankees
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buster johnny redwings
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butthead jordan robert
calvin joseph rocket
camaro joshua rosebud
cameron junior runner
canada justin rush2112
captain killer russia
carlos knight samantha
carter ladies sammy
casper lakers samson
charles lauren sandra
charlie leather saturn
cheese legend scooby
chelsea letmein scooter
chester little scorpio
chicago london scorpion
chicken lovers secret
cocacola maddog sexsex
coffee madison shadow
college maggie shannon
compaq magnum shaved
computer marine sierra
cookie marlboro silver
cooper martin skippy
corvette marvin slayer
cowboy master smokey
cowboys matrix snoopy
crystal matthew soccer