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Launcher 7

I had a look at windows mobile 7 phone and I was hooked at the user interface. Since then I was looking for something that could change my Galaxy 3 home screen to windows 7 tiled home screen. And then I found Launcher 7. It is more than decent at giving the feel of windows 7 user interface.

It is still a long way ahead for this app. But it will not disappoint the user.

It is a Windows Phone 7 style launcher for Android.

Unlike other current WP7 launchers (Windows Phone Android, Metro UI), this one allows you to properly modify your start screen. Just long press on a tile and drag tile where you want!

Point your androids barcode reader to the code to get it.

Android as a network security camera wanted to use your Android as a network based security camera?

Now you can with IP webcam

Turns your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options. View your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser.

Use IP Webcam with Tiny Cam Monitor on another android device or with third-party MJPG software, including video surveillance software, security monitors and most audio players.

Videochat support (e.g. Skype, Chatroulette, only video stream for Windows only via an universal MJPG driver)

Point your Androids barcode reader to this code to go directly to the application download page.

Office email on your cell phone recently bought a good qwerty phone and you can do all you want on the move. And suddenly you realize that you can have your office email on it too.

It definitly is a good idea and can also make you shine in the eyes of your boss with timely replies of email.

Most phones support outlook over web access. If not you can head over to Emoze and download the individual client for your phone to access office email.


1. You need outlook over web access for you mail box. If you can access you office email from any where with a url like then you already have it.

2. A smart phone

3 Emoze client

How to get it done

Install emoze on your phone.

Step 1 : From the main screen of Emoze, select Add Account.

Step 2 : Emoze will check for all available account types and display them on the main screen, choose the Office option.

Step 3 : You will need keep the following OWA details ready for the next step – username, password, OWA URL and windows domain name.

Step 4 : Fill up the user name field, password field, your OWA domain which is your windows domain name , and OWA URL. These field are vital and are required for getting your office ail, contacts, email and calendar data. You may need to get some of these details from your System Administrator.

Your windows domain can be obtained by selecting Alt+Ctrl+Delete on your windows terminal. The OWA URL is the URL of the exchange server. It cannot be behind a firewall or VPN.

Step 5 : Select Next and choose the folders which you want to synchronize. For example, you can choose Calendar and Inbox.

Step 6 : Now choose Settings and select Account info. Specify the folders which you want to push. You can specify Active Days which decides on what days the application will synchronize your emails.

Step 7 : You can enable Power Saving mode to increase the synchronization period to save your phones’s battery life. During this time the application will check for mails with longer gaps. In the Active From and Active To fields, you can enter the duration for the power saving mode.

Step 8 : If you want to specify an access point which you want to permanently use with Emoze, you can enter it under the Settings menu. The Statistics option will display the connection details, so you can track your data usage.


Samsung Galaxy 3 Froyo Upgrade wanted to upgrade my Galaxy 3 to Froyo but could not find how to do it. Couple of days of online research and I landed on this beautiful explaination. The linked page gives every detail and it helped me upgrade to froyo in just one day with some hit and trial.

The linked page gives all the details as to how to froyo your galaxy 3.

Here I would just mention my own experience of upgrading.

I downloaded ODIN multi downloader, ops file and the Froyo rom along with the default factory rom for my phone, just in case something goes wrong.

I factory reseted my phone, connected it to laptop and fired up odin, after lots of trial and error I am now sure that to get to the ROM download mode you have to press – Menu + Home + Volume down + Power on Galaxy 3.

It takes less than 5 minutes to copy the ROM.

And then it takes 4 to 5 minutes to restart and Voila! You have the colourful froyo.

A warning though… Froyo is not meant for low level hardware. At times Galaxy 3’s 667 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM fail to cope with Froyo.

Android 2.2 needs a decent hardware to run in full glory with all bells and whistles.

I first of all configured my office exchange email and suddenly I noticed all the things becoming dead slow and later a intense search online revealed that exchange has issues with Froyo. I did factory reset my phone more than 10 times and it was still the same.

I guess it was time to unFroyo and be back to éclair. The process was simple, only the ROM package was the one that I downloaded just for this situation.

One thing that I would like to confess is that after seeing Froyo with all its colors and menus I just wanted to go back to Froyo and was thinking how to go about it.

Today I did it again but this time I just copied the ROM with Odin without the factory reset.

All was going well but in some time the processes started to fail and I thought of rolling back to éclair, but just to be sure for the final time, I did a factory reset, installed improved email from market, configured exchange and somehow it didn’t slow down the phone,

Now here I am with Samsung Galaxy 3 running Android 2.2 Froyo with exchange email and the other 2 most popular apps Dailer one and Handcent SMS.  The battery life is better and the interface looks really vibrant. At times the phone becomes slow but I can live with that as I have installed Advanced task killer.

Apart from all this I still am unable to root this phone on Froyo, It will be great if any of you could suggest how to root it. I have already tried super one click root and z4root.

This is so far my experience with Galaxy 3 has been satisfactory, although it’s my first android, I learnt a lot from it. I am looking for a new android and would buy a new one soon that can run Gingerbread without sweating itself out.

How to delete Facebook friend list

Long time back I created a few lists on facebook and over the time one of them became redundant. I was looking all over facebook about how to delete that list and ultimately stubled upon the right link. on Accounts edit friends

3. On the left, about half way down you will see the category "Lists"

fb2 on the list you want to delete on "Delete List"

6.Confirm by clicking "Delete List"

Excel at Farmville with Farmville Magic Tools

I liked playing Farmville on Facebook quite a lot until my farm grew so large that it took hours to manage it. As I love automation I started to search for some tools to automate the ploughing, planting and harvesting of crops.


My search landed me with Farmville Magic Tools. Its a good program that can automatically do most of the mundane stuff on the farm. Download the application from here. One thing that I liked the most is that it auto updates itself for new plants.

The application is easy to use and self explanatory.

1) Start Farmville
2) While the game is running, drag the cow over the game
2) Press the Mooo button to activate the Mooo Box
and place it over your farm.

1) Zoom out the view as far as possible and press the Magic
Plow Tool button.
1) Select a seed in the game
2) Zoom out the view as far as possible and press the Magic
Plant Tool button.
1) Zoom out the view as far as possible and press the Magic
Harvest Tool button. You can do all operations in fullscreen mode using hotkeys.
You can enable the Automatic Sell/Delete confirm. Be careful.
You can enable the Automatic Harvest/Collect for trees and
animals, just click on the item and the program will click
harvest/collect for you.

Make a mobile site for your blog in 3 steps with Google Reader

Now a days there has been a trend of accessing the web through the phone.

The reasons are:-

Its its easy as all carriers have decent data speeds and in most the browsing is free.

Ease of use as one carries the mobile phone all the time unlike a computer.

So why not convert your blog to a blog that looks great on mobile phones. To view this blog on mobile mode go to For this we would be using the built in functionality of the Google Reader to render the feed for the mobile phones.

mobile blog

What you need:-

1. You blog RSS feed URL

2. Access to your Domain control panel if you are hosting your own blog. Or you can register a free domain name of the numerous sited found on Google and redirect it to your mobile blog using a free URL redirection service.

Step 1.

Login to your Domain Control Panel.

Create a sub-domain like say

Step 2.

Open your Blogs RSS feeds within Google Reader. The URL looks like [the bold part is the RSS feed of my Blog via Feedburner]. You can use any RSS feed or burn your own Feed using Feedburner.

mobile view

We need to modify this URL for mobile view. To do so add a /m/ to the URL between reader and view.

Step 3.

This can be done in two ways.

First: You can permanently redirect http://m.<yourblog>.com to "><your feed url>

Second: You can create an index.php file and specify the redirection in the index.php

Open a notepad file and copy paste the following

Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location: <your blog url>" );


where you would be replacing <your blog url> with the modified Google Reader URL.

And you are done. Pass on the ULR of your mobile blog to your fellows and readers and enjoy.

Apart from this there is a plugin for wordpress that detects the device and renders the blog. But some how I did not like it and opted for this faster and easier method.

Application wise Network Bandwidth monitoring

There are times when you seriously need to monitor your computer activities. The most important thing to monitor among these is the network connections and the bandwidth they are using if you are not on an unlimited connection and billed heftily for extra usage.

I searched for some and found out the Windows 7s resource monitor does this by default. No need to look beyond.

bw mon 

As you can see in the picture that the network tab shows us the details of all the applications that are using the network resources. Its helpful in so many ways. It helps me monitor which application is using un necessary bandwidth and can be closed. At times you would not like to go your bandwidth to waste for unwanted application specially when you are using a pay per MB plan for the internet access.

Apart from Applications the Resource Monitor can show what all connection an application has made and how much its uploading / downloading.

Apart from this the application also shows the number of TCP connections made by all the applications using the resources of the network.

bw mon3

It also shows the listening port details just in case you are curious to know about them 🙂

Post offline on wordpress with Windows live writer


I have been looking for a utility so that I could edit my blog offline and post whenever I went online. Then I came across Windows live writer. This is program helped me to write posts at my comfort when ever I wanted.

The program can be downloaded from Windows live website.

Installation is a breeze. Though it might take some time to download the files or you can download the full setup from the Cnet downloads.

Once installed you need to configure it for your blog. But before that you need to configure some changes on your wordpress blog to allow for remote publishing.

Go to settings >> writing and under Remote Publish allow XML – RPC

live 0

Now open windows live writer and set it up for your blog.

Go to the blogs in the Menu bar and click Add Blog Account

Select the other blog service option.

live 1

Enter your Blog url, username and password. And if you don’t want to enter the password again and again, check remember password.

live 2

Live writer will Analyze the blog detect the theme and you are done.

live 3

After this the application asks you to enter your Blogs name and Finish. And you are ready to make your posts.


How to Fix Msn messenger Error


How To fix error 80048820 on Msn messenger

Since you can’t immediately login, remember that you can try logging into the Web Messenger,

at least until you can restore your normal Messenger functionality:

However, here are few suggestions you should check/try if you haven’t already.

1. The date on your computer needs to be set properly — double click the clock verify that
the time and date are set.
2. If your password information is not saved, verify that you are typing it in with the
correct case (uppercase or lowercase).
3. Change your password @ to
something smaller (under 10-12 characters), then try signing in again.
4. If you use a firewall (like ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security etc. ), it’s possible
that Messenger doesn’t have the correct rights to access the Internet, especially since you
upgraded. You may need to re/add Messenger to the allowed list of programs in your firewall
if this is the case.
5. If you disabled your firewall in the past, it still may be blocking Messenger — try
restarting it and see if that helps the situation. You also might try uninstalling an
installed firewall, to verify that it isn’t causing a problem (even if it is disabled).
6. Clear your IE cache and cookies — open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then click the Delete Files button, and when that’s complete click the
Delete Cookies button.
7. Check your IE Security settings — open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section, and verify that “Check
for server certificate revocation” is unchecked. Also verify that ‘Use SSL 2.0′ and Use SSL
3.0’ is checked, then click OK.
8. Click Start, then Run, and enter the following:
regsvr32 softpub.dll
then click OK
and do the same for the following:
regsvr32 wintrust.dll
regsvr32 initpki.dll
regsvr32 MSXML3.dll

Register softpub.dll using the regsvr32.exe tool.
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type regsvr32 softpub.dll and then click OK.
Restart MSN Messenger


Make sure your router/modem is compatible with PPPoA/ADSL2 if you have it.


Make sure you have the latest version of MSN.

1. Check proxy settings
Tools -> Options -> Connection -> Adv settings

– No proxy should be configured unless you use a tool such as Simp to encrypt MSN.
In this case it will be something like

SOCKS: port: 11863

2. If you use a tool like Simp
ex: Simp

open Simp, goto File ->Configure -> Connection
disable all settings (Automatic Detect Settings, Use Proxy server, My router supports MSN protocol)

now it should all work

If you route through another proxy from software such as Simp then there will be more proxy configuration in Simp pointing to a Socks Proxy. You can try changing the MSN configuration to this proxy directly to see if this helps.

Try telnet to the SOCKS proxy to see if it is open to you:
Start -> run -> cmd <enter>
telnet proxy.address port (ex: telnet 444)

Disabling the proxy configuration in IE can work as well, unless you need it.
But proxying is good, you’d want both to work seamlessly.
Hope this helps..


First, open IE,
click the Tools menu,
then Internet Options,
then Advanced tab,

scroll to the Security section,
and make sure that “Check for server certificate revocation” is unchecked.

also verify that ‘Use SSL 2.0′ and Use SSL 3.0’ is checked, then click


Go to Internet Explorer, then click Tools, Internet Options, click Connections and then click LAN Settings. UNTICK the Use a proxy server for your lan.