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Why girls like PINK and guys like BLUE

blue n pink

The idea that little girls like everything in pink while little boys prefer blue appears to have a scientific basis according to a study showing that a person’s colour preference depends largely on their sex.

Scientists have found that women tend to prefer pink – or at least a redder shade – while men prefer blue, and that the gender difference may be down to genes rather than upbringing.

The study investigated the long-held – but until now largely unsupported – view that women and men differ in their colour preferences. It is the first to show that there is a scientific basis for the idea that girls are born with a particular affinity for pink colours.

The researchers, Anya Hurlbert and Yazhu Ling of Newcastle University, said that despite the evidence for differences between the sexes in terms of visual skills, there was no conclusive proof of sex differences in colour preference.

“This fact is perhaps surprising given the prevalence and longevity of the notion that little girls differ from boys in preferring pink,” they say in the academic journal Current Biology.

pink n blue

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