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Tata nano – my lucky charm :)

Tata nano has proved to be luck for me. My first post about Nano was last year on January 26 when I was travelling in train for my MBA admissions process. I got a mail from one of my best friends Sachu who is an ASM with Samsung. The mail inspired me to write about the car and its competetors. Its been a long story from there on and the hits on my posts have been increasing but the number of hits on Tata nano article were overwhelming… more than 800 hits on a single post in a day… Its too much for me… I am elated… hope this kind of response continue.

I am thankful to all my reader.

My Own website

Its been years i was trying to have my own domain name, and now that i have it I am pleases again with myself beacuse it is an achievement for me. I have made a crude [read crappy homepage] for the time being and am working on my official website. Hope it gets done soon. is my website

Thank you all for your support

Utkarsh Verma


Utkarsh & Me

Hello Everyone,

Here’s something about Utkarsh;

I met Utkarsh when I came in 8th standard. From there, our friendship started and is continuing till date.

Utkarsh is a great personality with lots of characters inside him; he’s a painter, cartoonist, craftsman, innovator, programmer and many more …….; he’s a great source of inspiration. Apart from being an artist, he’s good in academics also. Anyone who comes in contact with him cannot remain untouched by charm.

I am thankful to him that he found me suitable for granting administrator’s priviledges.