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Fundamentals of computer hacking

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hackingGetting access to a secured system is not that easy nor too difficult too for a computer hacker. Protruding into ones system to get the secure informations is the main aim of hacking which includes the hacking into the system to get organizational layout, one’s personal information, banking activity and so on.

We have the technology advancement that is more effective and accurate in making the process of hacking a successful one with the help of simple knowledge on working procedures on the tools and hacking software. Knowledge on the fundamentals on computer hacking and tool utilization can make wonders to hack a computer.

How to computer hack via 3 hacking techniques?


The process of obtaining the secure data of organizations that is more confidential. It includes the information on the Internet, remote access, intranet and extranet. When you hack a computer you can trace the critical situation of an organization that affects the over all growth on profit quality rate.

  • First stage in foot printing an organization’s layout starts with fixation of target activity including collection of information from website holding the company and its employee’s. Social engineering is a target to hit upon to get easy access to the network on cracking the link in the internet to hack this site in specific.

  • Network enumeration is one of the techniques made in use to spot out the domain name and the network utility attributes. Getting into the database with tools on searching the internet can help in getting most of the needful informations.
  • DNS interrogation: DNS a distributed database is utilized to modify domain name into IP address and reverse. DNS configured (server’s installation and registration) with low-security gives off copy of organizational secure data on DNS zone transfer.
  • Network reconnaissance: On getting access through the Network it is easy to get into the network topology and the paths that link the terminals. Tracerouter program and hacking code tools are best to find the IP packet data that move along the paths. With the ICMP time exceeded message and hop count it is easier to get over the data transmitted.


PING request sent to the IP address inside network terminals is ICMP ECHO packets and the response is the ICMPECHO-REPLY. Once the reply is obtained it will hack a computer to fetch the data packets through the connectivity.


Protruding into the user’s account via network resources, shared informations, users, groups and applications to extract data is termed enumeration.

NMAP, STROBE, NESSUS and SATAN variants involving SARA and SAINT for LINUX. WINSCAN, SAMSPADE for WINDOWS are the best tools. Viable products utilized include CyberCop scanner as well as Internet Security scanners.

Queries helping hacker’s to begin cracking attacks include Registrar info and whois server’s data, Organizational info; Domain related data, Network or IP address data, Points of contact.

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Anti hacking tips for home based online business protect your computer that makes money over your business is the key focus for one to afford protection. Ecommerce sounds to be the one we choose for comfortable environment that saves times, money and distance to make your business happen with good contacts over people. Dangers that attack one’s computer system starts when we use the same computer for both personal as well as for online business options. As it is found that more number of Home PC’s gets affected with virus attacks.

Hack tips and tricks

Tips on how to hack the system can also help people at critical situations but must be used on a professionally ethical way. Hacking tips are more important that one must learn which is linked to analyze the method of hack tips and tricks one employed by the password hacker and system crackers.

Keep your Business & system secure

OS Alerts: A regular maintenance acts its major part to claim on resolving the warning signs that are alerted by our Operating system on which almost all our Business applications work. Security flaw updates are notified now and then for a quick maintenance, in case of Microsoft Windows Update site can be referred. Ignorance to the Operating system warnings and updates is the first mistake one can do.

Antivirus updates: Keep track of the latest updates that are available in the antivirus program you have installed. This can help you to keep you system protected from the upcoming virus and worms that harm the system as a whole. Keep up the protection level of the antivirus with password setting for safety.

Firewall activation: Secure your in-ward and out-ward communications via firewall software installation to keep of unauthorized internet access. It may not be visible that some unlawful probe and scans happen onto your system. Port scanning is the most common practice that finds the weakness of the system exploitation. Start activation of Firewall, Go to “Start” button, select “Settings” -> Network Connection -> Properties -> Advanced ->click on “Internet Connection Firewall” box

Turn off software preview windows: There are certain worms or viruses that affect your computer without opening any attachment or link onto you system with just a small preview message window, affecting the sensitive data and information. Turning off the preview window can help via Outlook Express with the following steps.

Go to “Menu Bar”, Select – “View”, select – “Layout” then uncheck “Show Preview Pane”.

Email filters: Inbox clearance with swamping junks can be done effectively by the email filters that control the viruses and spasm from harming the system there by cutting down the access time.

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