Android as Bluetooth Keyboard for PS3

I’m sure that all those who own a PS3 have sometime or the other tried to browse the internet on the PS3. The browser is a pain and specially when you have to login to sited using the on screen keyboard and type by the six axis controller.

There is a easy way out if you own an android phone. The following steps mention how to get this done.

I have a Xperia Neo V

This needs a rooted phone, so please google the method to root your phone and proceed with this.

Start PS3

Goto Accesories setting

Pair a New device and Pair it with your android phone.

Now move to the phone, goto Google Play store and download Blueputdroid

Run the application

If all goes well it will show up PS3 with its MAC address on the screen.

Tap it to connect. The symbol on the right turns blue when active.

Once connected it gives options of several types of layouts.

I am most comfortable with the track pad on the top and keyboard in the lower half.

It also has the option for six axis controller.

Now it is all set.

Enjoy typing on the PS3 with your android phone.

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