Arduino–breadboard hookup

I have been facing lot of issues with so many hookup wires running between the breadboard and the controller board. A small shake at times dislodges the cables and things stop to work. This inspired me to make hookup cables which do not get dislodged with small shakes and movements.

This is what it looks like

2012-02-06 15.43.08

This is a nice rugged setup when a lot of cables need to run between the arduino and the breadboard.

I made these because I could not find male to male jumper with headers for cheap. This works good for me and was made from the spares that I had lying around.

These can be made in a couple of minutes.

Parts needed are: ribbon cable, male headers, solder wire and soldering iron.

2012-02-06 15.39.15

Cut out desired length of ribbon cable in group of 6. Arduino has output in group of six. This will work for any other board too just the number of wires that are to be kept together will be different.

Clip the make header pins in group of 6 and solder to each end.

And you are good to go.

To make the soldered ends more secure i taped the solder joints with foam tape from both ends. This way the solder points dont hurt the fingers and also the joints are kept intact and are insulated too.

2012-02-06 15.40.21 2012-02-06 15.43.23

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