Facebook employees – youngest, stressed but satisfied


Employees at Facebook, the famous social networking site, are the youngest and most stressed out workers in US tech companies, but are considered to be the most satisfied.

On the other hand, Google staffers are the best paid within the technical market and have low levels of stress. Of course it’s no wonder their staff are so relaxed, Google provides every employee with gourmet meals, massages, game rooms and other perks that aren’t found in most offices. In January, Google employees were given a $1,000 tax-free bonus and 10% pay rise in order to stop staff from defecting to Facebook.

The low age at Facebook is not a surprise at all considering the CEO is only 27 years old. “We really don’t believe that you have to have a lot of experience to make a big difference”, Zuckerberg explained on the company’s career video website. “Look at me, right? I started this from college.”

Large scale tech companies are paid well into the six figures-no surprise considering all the well-paid engineers there are on staff. Also, the workers are paid 23% above the typical pay for the same type of work at a ‘normal’ tech company.

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