Absolute security with WEP and MAC access control

There has been so much fuss about wifi security about how easy it is to crack WEP and all. We can have a absolutely secure setup for a wireless network by selecting which devices to be able to connect to our network by a simple feature present in all routers known as MAC address control.

Make sure you change the admin login password for your router and set it as something which is atleast 8 character and involves special case symbols as well as numbers.

Enable WEP by loging into the admin console.

Set the WEP key to whatever you want. The key can be of of varied length depending upon the following types

  • 40- / 64-bit WEP: 10 digit key
  • 104- / 128-bit WEP: 26 digit key
  • 256-bit WEP: 58 digit key

Enable MAC address control.

Select Allow – This enables only the listed MAC addresses to be able to connect to the network. Rest will get a DHCP failure error. This way only the devices whose MAC addresses are entered in the table can connect. Rest can keep trying.

Enjoy your secure wifi network.

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