Use PS3 to play content stored on Computer

Before we proceed I would request you to note down the MAC address of your PS3

You can find your PS3 MAC address in

1) System Setting > System Information

2) Network Settings. (Scroll towards bottom)

Once you note down the Mac address then on your PC go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Advance Sharing Settings.

Then you need to make sure:

– Network Discovery is ON
– File & Printer Sharing is ON

After that click on Media Streaming options.

Once you are done with it you would see a window of Media Sharing

On the Show devices drop bar, select All Networks

Then you would see some Unknown device / devices.

I Recently bought a PS3. Now yoy can not copy all your videos, music and photos to the 320 GB HDD. But you can use your windows 7 to act as media server for PS3 and play all your content on PS3

Here is how to go about it.

Double click each Unknown device to see the MAC address of the device. If the address matches your PS3 MAC address then allow that device for media sharing.

You would now be able to share your media (If your firewall is not blocking media access)


With the latest updates in Windows 7,  you also need to make sure the following setting

Open “Services”  (just type on the start search bar)

In that make sure you have set Windows Media Player Sharing Service on “Automatic”. Also set LogOn as “Local System”

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