Reasons to get an Android

It is not a farfetched thought to think that the choices in mobile world today are many. As we are moving towards a more digital world cell phones are without a doubt one of the most essential gadgets and one very commonly found in just about everyone’s pocket from a milkman to CEO of a multinational firm. And one name that has definitely taken the mobile world by storm is android. So what exactly makes this platform so special and why should you go for it?

1. Hardware: One advantage that Android has over its nearest competitor in iOS is that it comes with a vast choice of hardware. With iOS you are stuck with iPhone as your hardware device but with Android being the adopted platform of some of the biggest names in mobile manufacturing like HTC, Samsung, Motorola etc. there are vast number of choices in terms of device and even pricing.


2. Open Source: Another advantage with android is its open platform. Unlike iOS there are not stringent rules for the application developers as a result more developers are likely to pick up android API developer kits knowing that they can upload their application on market and subsequently can put it out there for users to use it. In longer term this may even result that android applications may outnumber those on iOS. However the downside of this is there may be far more current application on Android. But applications are definitely a massive plus.

3. Great UI Another advantage in going Android is that it gives you a good solid choice regarding how your UI would look like. With plenty of third party launchers available you can customize your screen according to your own needs. Unlike iOS you are not stuck with the same slide to unlock and box type UI.

4. Widgets: Another positive is the widgets, though slightly battery consuming widgets are great way to display information. Android has always proudly said that they work on making information easily available with having to click anything and most definitely these widgets are a great feature. Plenty of widgets are available and they only enhance your UI.

5. Google integration: Needless to say android is extremely snappy and quick, and with Gmail integrated, it is a great way to keep up with your mail and Gtalk contacts.

6. Browser Experience: The browser experience generally is extremely good and with most of android phones now coming with flash integration, internet experience is as close to real desktop browsing as you can get.

There are far many more reasons to go android though these are just about the most important ones. So why wait? Should you not be getting up and getting your first Android?

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