Lockitron – Lock unlock from any where in the world

http://6.mshcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/lockitron_app.jpgLockitron, a product of Gerhardt and Roberton’s Apigy Inc., works with most doors. Once configured, users can electronically unlock doors using any type of phone from anywhere in the world. The process takes less than half a second on average.

“The idea is to replace keys entirely,” says Gerhardt, “so [Lockitron would work] everywhere from your home to your car to your gym locker.”

Customers pay a flat fee of $295 and receive a Lockitron Deadbolt kit that includes a wireless deadbolt, a base station with USB remote control, installation instructions and accompanying cables.

To lock and unlock configured doors, a Lockitron user need only fire-up Lockitron on his or her mobile device (it works on the web, too), select the door in the question and hit the unlock or lock icon. Administrative users can manage privileges and grant permanent or temporary access to whomever they’d like. Text message access can be setup through Lockitron’s premium service.

The startup’s remote door unlock feature literally works anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection.

The product is still considered beta, but Gerhardt and Robertson have piloted an early version of the system with select customers, including Mashable, for more than nine months now. The lengthy private beta period gave the team time to develop support for most doors and make the system accessible to anyone on any device.

“Where we were nine to 12 months ago was really like a project you’d see on Hack a Day, a one-off, really cool thing for someone really techie to set up in their house,” says Robertson. “If we want to start shipping this out beyond purely early adopters, we have to build the infrastructure that we have now. … We really had to get everything up to speed for it to work. We finally reached that point.”

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