Measure any distance with a single click on your android

Surveyor is an android application that can help you measure distances with the help of camera and orientation sensors on your phone.

It uses data from orientation sensors and the camera image to determine 3D coordinates of the object you selected and then give you the distance from the object to you or another object.

All you have to do is simply point your phone to the object and then click its video image on the screen at the point where that object touches ground. Detailed guidance have been integrated in the Surveyor application for your convenience.

However the simplicity comes with 2 limitations:

1. It can only measure distances on a flat level surface, sloped or vertical surface won\’t work.
2. The altitude from the level surface to the device should be given to Surveyor as parameter. If a wrong altitude is set, the result will not be accurate.

Surveyor is a freeware, you can download it from Android Market by searching “surveyor” or click on the following link when you are viewing this page on the phone.

Get Surveyor from Android Market

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