5 monitors on a computer – Deus Ex human revolution

Working with a computer that has two monitors is so 2005… with AMD’s Eyefinity, you can pop in a single video card and connect up to five displays to a single computer. And now, if you have the right video card, you can also play Deus Ex: Human Revolution on all five of those monitors. That is, when the game is released in August.

Square Enix, the development company behind the game, let word fly this week that the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will have full DirectX 11 support, 3D support, and will work with AMD Eyefinity.

That means that gamers with high end multi-core systems and brand new DX11 graphics cards will be able to make use of all of that hardware and really experience the game. Even without DirectX 11, gamers who have dual or quad-core processors on their computers will be able to leverage them for higher framerates and faster overall game performance.

The real winners though are gamers with AMD graphics cards that support Eyefinity, or AMD’s next generation multi-display technology. Since the game fully supports Eyefinity, you can connect up to five monitors as your card can support to your system and the game will expand the field of view spread out across all of them. Developers went to great lengths to make sure they weren’t just tacking on the features to have a checkbox to mark on the packaging: the video here shows that you really can play the game with at least three displays and interact with and see objects on all of them.

Eyefinity really shines in games that can benefit from a broader field of view, like racing games and simulations. Not many first-person shooters have gone down this road, but if the video is to be believed, the end product will be impressive to see. If you have a graphics card that supports Eyefinity, you may get more than you anticipated when Deus Ex: Human Revolution when it hits store shelves this August.

via PC Gamer via Kotaku

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