Samasung Galaxy 3 User experience

smiley galaxy 3Bought me a Samsung Galaxy 3 as a Valentine ’s Day present, had waited too long to get hands on an android and Angry Birds made this inevitable.

It took me just 5 minutes to buy the phone and I was online, no settings needed and all contacts sync on the phone while I was happily chatting my way through on the talk application.

A call landed on my phone and wow it showed the name of the caller along with photo. I didn’t do anything,  Google sync is surprisingly wonderful.

I launched maps and was happy to see the quick response of GPS assisted with data.

However by the time I reached home, a couple thousand contacts from Google and face book had been synced, yup I did download the Facebook app on my way home.

I tried calling my parents and it revealed the dark side of Galaxy 3. The phone application sucks big time. It took me almost 30 seconds for the contacts to show up. No matter what I did it remained slow.  I finally fixed it today after 3 days and night of extensive research and hit and trail based tweaking.

The music player is great, it says 5.1 on the top right corner but till now I have not been able to play music in that mode, I always get the error that 5.1 mode is only supported when effects are off, and till date I have not been able to find the way to turn the effects off, ma be I would read the manual when I don’t have anything to do or get fed up playing around with my droid.

Coming soon – how I made my galaxy 3 Shine.

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