Munni vs Sheela : 5 Point analysis

Branding Munni is Badnaam Sheela is Jawaan
Place of performance Munni gyrated in some Desi
Daaru ka Adda
Sheela gyrated in some
metropolitan Disco Bar
Demand- Supply Concept Munni is offering herself easily
(Refer Line: Darling tere liye).
So huge supply. Demand will be
Sheela is not available easily.
(Refer Line; Mai to khud se pyaar
jatau & tere haath kabhi na aani).
So low supply. Huge Demand.
Dance Style Munni repeated age old “latka-
jhatka”. (Argh… Every 2nd item
no. have this)
Sheela shook her booty with
drumbeats. (Wow… Something
Mathematical & Psychological Analysis Munni is sleek (Though Indians
invented zero… but it doesn’t
mean we like zero figure…)
Sheela is voluptuous. (Yeah…
that’s the perfect graphical

(c) Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

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