I didn’t want to but I did

image Its been said and I have seen a lot that the life has its own ways of teaching you something. And for me it has happened a lot. I have always made up my mind while thinking not to do certain things or go a certain way but Life made me land at places and or situation where I had thought in my mind I wont be or wont be doing such things. And believe me that changed a lot in me and made me present me. I now take life as it comes.

It all started when I was in school. As a kid I wanted to be the pilot till class ten and not a mainstream engineering grad of the bulk of graduates. Then I just didn’t understand when I started to aspire to become an engineer. Every Tom and Dick I met that time was doing engineering from a local college and I had thought that I would at least not go to that particular college and I landed in that college for four wonderful years of my life.

That time when I had graduated the crowd was attracted to the BPO but I was to be a computer engineer and I had thought that I would never be working in a BPO and the first job of my life was as ISP tech support guy in a top BPO.

Then again I had thought that I am an engineer and that is enough, why do MBA, but yet again Life made me do MBA.

I had always feared that I would not be able to live in Mumbai that too in a place like Andheri, I was ok upto Vashi. and here I am living in Andheri, working as a finance executive (which again I had thought that I would not be doing) in one of the top 10 BPOs.

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