I love you Dad

dad My dad is my Hero. I love my Dad. All of us do and it wont make any difference if I say that “I love my dad most”. I bet here I would have serious competition. I love my dad not because he is the richest man on earth, not because he has good connections, not because he has provided for us, I love him because I know what ever happens he would be there for me. I cant even think of a day without my dad. He gave up all his wants and aspirations just to take care of me and my brother and sister along the way.

He has always been on my side but also taught me and at times very sternly what is wrong. Today I have the confidence to do what ever it want to do with my life and my Dad trusts me so much that I would never do something wrong which would even bring a doubt to his confidence. As kids we were close to our Mom more than our Dad and there were several times when we needed any thing we just went to her and she would get every thing done for us.

We never realized that we didn’t talk much to our dad. But before it was too late some small things made me realize that I need to be close to Dad to too. There are still some things that I have not told Dad but I know he knows but he never would ask me directly because he knows I would be telling him at the right time. I would do anything for my Dad but I know he wont let me. I now am closer to my Dad than before.

There was a time when I was the only child, my mom used to work morning to noon and dad noon to night just because they never wanted me to stay alone or with some one else. This just proves how much they love me. They have given me everything some things that I asked for and most that they thought would be appropriate for me. I might not be the best child but I know they are proud of me and there have been times when it shows in their eyes and that makes me so happy.

The credit to my life goes to my Dad who underwent a lot, gave up a lot and compromised a lot for me and my siblings. I hope I would do the same if not better for my kids.


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