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Sahas Mehra is 17 years old and resides in Mumbai. He loves football and enjoys reading and listening to music. He started off with his very first year in college but didn’t get a chance to appear for his final exams. A month before his 17th birthday he was diagnosed with Philadelphia ALL, a high-risk blood cancer. What followed was hospital stays, transfers, complications and chemotherapy. But this was not enough. The family was told that a Bone Marrow Transplant would be essential to give him a chance to survive. There is no marrow match within the family. A Non-Related Allogenic transplant is recommended. The estimate letter provided by the hospital is for a minimum of Rs. 51 lakh (around $106250) , if complications don’t occur. This is not something the family can afford. This blog is an attempt at creating awareness about his case because financial support for the transplant is needed on an urgent basis. We also hope to create awareness about the the primary reason for the unaffordable cost of treatment – lack of a proper bone marrow registry in India.

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