Make a mobile site for your blog in 3 steps with Google Reader

Now a days there has been a trend of accessing the web through the phone.

The reasons are:-

Its its easy as all carriers have decent data speeds and in most the browsing is free.

Ease of use as one carries the mobile phone all the time unlike a computer.

So why not convert your blog to a blog that looks great on mobile phones. To view this blog on mobile mode go to For this we would be using the built in functionality of the Google Reader to render the feed for the mobile phones.

mobile blog

What you need:-

1. You blog RSS feed URL

2. Access to your Domain control panel if you are hosting your own blog. Or you can register a free domain name of the numerous sited found on Google and redirect it to your mobile blog using a free URL redirection service.

Step 1.

Login to your Domain Control Panel.

Create a sub-domain like say

Step 2.

Open your Blogs RSS feeds within Google Reader. The URL looks like [the bold part is the RSS feed of my Blog via Feedburner]. You can use any RSS feed or burn your own Feed using Feedburner.

mobile view

We need to modify this URL for mobile view. To do so add a /m/ to the URL between reader and view.

Step 3.

This can be done in two ways.

First: You can permanently redirect http://m.<yourblog>.com to "><your feed url>

Second: You can create an index.php file and specify the redirection in the index.php

Open a notepad file and copy paste the following

Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location: <your blog url>" );


where you would be replacing <your blog url> with the modified Google Reader URL.

And you are done. Pass on the ULR of your mobile blog to your fellows and readers and enjoy.

Apart from this there is a plugin for wordpress that detects the device and renders the blog. But some how I did not like it and opted for this faster and easier method.

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