10 New Indian Web Startups worth mentioning

image ChalkPad technology focused Start-up Company that aims to revolutionize the business of education. The company envisions strengthening the academic and financial performance of various schools, colleges and universities. It aims to improve constituent services, increase the accountability and provide better educational experiences by bringing together people, processes and technology. http://www.chalkpad.in/

image Clayology uses Stop Motion and Clay Animations for product development and marketing for their clients using various advertising channels.
The company was founded in July 2008 in Mumbai. Their team has an expertise from the fields of animation, broadcast, print, radio and online media.
Their services include concept and content creation for television commercials, product development and marketing using various modes such social media, video and mobile advertising. http://www.clayology.com

image Gechi is a mobile application that helps you use Twitter using simple text messages.
This application is created and owned by a group of NIT and IIM alumni.
The promoters came with this idea when they figured that tweeting is heavily dependent on computers and mobile phones with Internet / GPRS connectivity. They then worked to develop a service which is based on a simple logic – to enable TWITTER account holders to tweet (receive & send) messages via SMS from their mobile. http://www.gechi.in/

image Longlongago is online children’s books library where one can rent books and return it on a later date.
The aim of this online library portal is to make available original and interesting stories for children. Their collection includes some of the classics like ‘Panchatantra’, Chhota-Bheem, Aesop, and many other children’s books from around the world. The books are either paperback books or beautiful hardcover books.
There are no late fees or per book reading fee. http://www.longlongago.in/

image YouthKiAwaaz as the name suggests is an online media platform dedicated towards highlighting the voice of the youth.
The platform aims social change and development, leveraging web technology to reach out to a mass educated audience. The promoters believe that a small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history and the youth has the power to create a new environment of peaceful co-existence. http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/

image Scribesnook.com is a social network which provides a facility for the creative writers to post their original writings and share it with a passionate group of writers and readers from across the globe.
For the unpublished writers who are still learning, one of the best ways to get feedback on their writing is by opting for web. Nowadays, the writer’s group is increasingly taking a place on web. http://www.scribesnook.com/

image Pixdelite is a one stop software solution to create Digital photo-books, calendars and greeting cards.
This software is free of cost and can be downloaded from their website. The interesting thing about the software is that anyone can personalize the digital images on their own.
To use the software you will have to follow the step by stop instructions regarding what you need to do. You will get a choice on every aspect of the design. http://www.pixdelite.com/

image SimplyBooks is a newly launched online bookshop targeted for Indian book readers. It is the initiative of eMinds Knowledge Services, a company based in Gurgaon.
Most of the features you will find on the portal are the ones that already exist on other online bookshops but there are some features and impressive user interface which are comparatively much better than the other book portals. You can search books according to author, category and book title.


image Ideaken is an online platform where one can collaborate with others to innovate and win rewards and recognition.
The concept of ‘Collaborate to innovate’ mainly means that different companies or individuals group together to solve problems and develop customer centric solutions.
Ideaken was founded in 2009 to realize the practical use of the world’s best accepted principles. http://www.ideaken.com/

image iDuple Webtop is a web application which mainly functions like Windows Desktop.
The idea of developing a Windows like web interface originates from the fact that Windows is a familiar environment for a user, and if applications are built that functions exactly like windows, it will definitely improve the user experience, which in turn will result in an increase in productivity. Webtop comes with a set of applications such as, Disk Drives, Calendar, RSS Manager, Sticky Notes, Notepads, Document Viewers, Email Clients, and Instant Messengers etc. http://www.iduple.com/

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