Why India is so hot this year

The month of March 2010 was characterized by above normal temperatures over Delhi. The month started on a warm note with both maximum and minimum temperatures 5-6 Degrees C above their normal values. It was only during the second week when they were near normal.


The graph shows a lot of deviation in the temperature of Delhi. This is the same with all the cities across the country. The temperatures are at all time high. After 2005 this year has broken all the past records.

Patna experienced the hottest April in last 10 years and a new analysis of global surface temperatures released by NASA showed that the past decade was the warmest ever on Earth.

For India the major reason is a large anti-cyclonic follow over northwest and central India that caused downward motion of warm air.

“The subsidence warming, when combined with lack of moisture and a practically cloudless sky, re-sulted in more insulation and persistently high temperatures”. as said by the IMD sources.

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