Facebook vs Orkut

facebook vs orkut

I was no fan of online social networking till the early days of my college because I had so many real friends and barely spent any time online and then one fine day I was introduced to WordPress which changed brought a turnaround in my cyber life. Most of my real friends were not on online and I had a tough time gathering a following for my blog. I started off with Orkut and after a year or so I was on Facebook. I was on Orkut most of the time till I realized that Orkut was becoming monotonous with nothing much to do. They had been doing great for a long long time [yes… 3-5 years is a long long time in cyber world] but somehow lost it to Facebook.

When I completely moved onto Facebook, I found it better to share and post. I still have a lot many friends on Orkut who are not there on Facebook so I visit Orkut once or twice a week.

I liked Facebook so because it provides so much more exposure than other Social Networks. The proof is the constantly growing number of users on Facebook.

One major fact that makes Facebook better for me is that I feel that I have to spend less time to see what all updates are there unlike in Orkut. [Its the way I feel and I may be biased]. Facebook also allows me to decide what goes where on my page though in a limited way but it still counts. Orkut and Facebook both have chat and I like that. Just one more feature that I want is a common place to upload my pictures so that they are seen on both Facebook and Orkut because I get tires of uploading same pictures two times on both the sites. If any one of you knows any such site or service please let us know.

For those who think that Facebook still lags behind Orkut in India please visit GlobalThoutz illustrations.

We would also like to hear from you all how you feel about the two of them and which one you find better for yourself.

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