From #meawmonday to #sinnersunday – Importance of Each days for Twitter lovers..


When I joined twitter i was Petrified about HASH # about FF about followfriday shoutouts and etc. I wondered what is the whole story about.

Now I am officaly 4 months old on Twitter, though my Account was Bot from last 1 year. 😛

When we tweet anything we can put a HASH  (#) to the front of a word and encourage others to add it to their tweets about the same topic. That is the whole secret of Tweet with a Hash before important words that are the possible searches from other tweeples.

Lets go ahead with the importance of Each days for Twitter lovers..

1. #meowmonday – If you’re an animal lover or have any kind of pet or cat-related Twitter account, this is the one for you.

2. #musicmonday – Quite possibly one of the most fun Twitter meme days. Tell people what you’re listening to, or hook Twitter into your or The meme also has its own Twitter account,@musicmonday.

3. #followmonday – Created by @warmyellowlight, #followmonday is just like #followfriday, but why wait all week for Friday to come around?

4. #mutantmonday – “To promote those who are doing some gnarly things in the world.”

5. #monkeymonday – A way to enjoy your Monday by posting pictures, videos, jokes and stories about monkeys. Users also promote their funniest Twitter Friends.

6. #followtuesday#twittertuesday – #followfriday for Tuesdays.

7. #nopantstuesday – Appears to have originated from the eighth annual no pants subway ride, a prank where New Yorkers and some in other cities ride the subway without pants.

8. #wonderfulwednesday – Best wishes for the middle of the week.

9. #woofwednesday – If there’s a meowmonday, might as well get all your dog loving Twitter friends in on the action.

10. #followwednesday – #followfriday for Wednesdays.

11. #healthyhumpday – Created by @goodhealth, #healthyhumpday is like #followfriday for health-related Twitter accounts and links.

12. #wisdomwed – Recently created by Mashable Associate Editor @BenParr, #wisdomwed “helps spread knowledge across Twitter by sharing a piece of useful advice with followers on Wednesdays.”

13. #winewednesday – Twitterers discuss their favorite wines, ask questions, and provide advice.

NEW ADDITION: #Women2Follow – Every Wednesday, recommend women to follow on Twitter. Started byWomenWhoTech.

14. #rtthursday – Thank your retweeters in style.

15. #followthursday – #followfriday for Thursdays (but oh so close).

16. #thankfulthursday – Tell others what you’re thankful for.

17. #shabbatshalom – Created by @JewishTweets, #shabbatshalom is for the Jewish tweeps out there, offline until Saturday night.

18. #leadfriday – Tired of following? How about being a leader?

19. #goodnewsfriday – Good news comes on Friday.

Bonus: #followfriday – Created by @Micah, #followfriday is the original Twitter daily meme. You can read more about #followfriday here.

20. #sexysaturday – Self-explanatory.

21. #caturday – Cat + saturday = caturday.  Sort of like #MeowMonday.

22. #wkendthx – Created by @MichDdot, #wkendthx is a follow up to #followfriday, or if you missed thanking your tweeps on Friday.

23. #sinnersunday aka #sinday – typically cataloging people’s excursions instead of going to church.

24. #samesexsunday – Recommend people in the LGBT community to follow.

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