Without a perfect Mate


Neither any sin nor any holy deed ,
can Unchain  me from my deed
To hear your voice,
to feel your pain,
I never would have thought,
I’d miss old times, this much again.
From the moment we parted,
I began wandering the uncharted,
To have truly lost.
Passion burning deep in my heart
wishing we were never apart,
Coming together hand in hand
melted and pressed oas grains of sand,
shaping a mos beautiful pane of glass;
etchings abound and trimmed with brass,
A beautiful disply wanting all to see,
Remains hidden and sheltered only for me.
I stole a piece of heaven and
must now pay the cost.
The words seems so void
that makes me treeibly annoyed,
No matter what i say,
no matter what i do,
I still think of you.
The hardesh thing is not to recall,
To sit and do nothing at all.
To agonize in solitude ,
over my terrible fate,
to walk into the future
without my perfect mate…

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