Why it feels so unreal

There are several things in life that one wants. Those things when acquired give a sense of happiness and contempt to some while there is a bunch of people who have another feeling and that is the feeling of disbelief. It just doesnt feel like it really happened and it takes quite long for the feeling to sink in or may be it never does and they just move on.

 There are some for whome the big really has to be BIG. Its very difficult for them to understand the tiny viny nuances of the life. They just do what they feel is right at that very moment. They hear all, listen to everyones point of view but ultimately end up doing what they had decided the very first time. Such people most of the times make very calculated choices but at times they get carried away and do what they feel like. Nothing is real for them and they just keep going on and on what ever happen. They just dont stop whether they lose a job, a friend or some very important part of their life. They are ever ready to start a fresh and always have a plan of some sorts. They kind of live in a simulation themselves and of which they have already visualized ever move.

I know of some one who always had his life this way. He was a bright student and admired by most of the fellows. A little shy but had group of good people around him. No one could really tell what he really wanted and it seemed like he just went with the flow of life or the life just flowed according to his will.

All was fine and then one day he lost his mother in a very complex inexplicable and unfortunate scenario. The world came to an end for him but it was surprising to see how he took care of all around him as if he had already prepared himself for the days to come and it only took him a couple of days to get over it. At least it seemed so because we will never come to know what was going on inside of him at that time. He managed all prety well and moved on in his life taking all who mattered with him.

This was not the end of the troubles and after three years that same person was diagnosed with carcinoma. This time again for us it was kind of a severe blow and the way he took it was truly admirable. He walked out of the treatmeant fair and square as if nothing has happened.

Life moved on and that person is now one of them who matter to most and seem to have everything in control. He did what he wanted and the way he wanted and I am damn sure that he has got what all he wanted and moved on.

I would never be able to disclose who this person is as that would render this piece of writing worthless. There would be some who by now have known who I am talking about but would request them to maintain the anonimity.

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