BarCamp @ I2IT 13 March ’10

BarCampI2IT (barcamp isquareit) is going to be an ad-hoc un-conference organised by the Post Graduate (Management & Technology) Students of International Institute of Information Technology, Pune. Where participants will discuss and share their knowledge / ideas / suggestions about Emerging Technology, Softwares, Networking, Management, Innovation, Web, Opensource, Entrepreneurship etc. by giving sessions, moreover personally interacting with each other.

Anyone with something to Share or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to BarCampI2IT.

BarCampI2IT = Technology +  Management + Innovation +Web + Opensource + Entrepreneurship +…etc.

Main Objectives of BarCampI2IT are:

  • To offer a platform to individuals for Sharing Knowledge / ideas.
  • Bridging the gap between student and industry (Interaction among students, industry professionals & Professors).
  • Open Learning Experience.
  • Open Networking.
  • Community Building.

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