Reasons why SIU sucks

SIU The Symbiosis Infotech Campus is a blissful place bubbling with joy and passion in every nook and corner of the campus. Despite all this there are times when it really sucks. This time the occasion is the festival of Holi. The administration calls this place a home away from home, and if it is so then why the hell the students are restricted from playing Holi and to top all that the college University has decided not to declare an off on the day of Holi while the whole of India celebrates Holi.

Why restrictions are imposed on students to play Holi when there are special arrangements made for south Indian festivals like Onam and Pongal. It’s totally uncalled for when the administration decided not to allow the students to play Holi. Is this the way they want us to feel at home away from home? To top it all the water supply too has been restricted to just 3 hours for the 3 days at the time of the festival.

It’s not at all justified to stop students from playing celebrating a festival when festival of one community are celebrated without any restriction and even special arrangement are mode for it then why not for Holi, a festival which every student wants to enjoy with the friends.

This was my opinion about SIU not being student friendly specially If the festival is not a south Indian one. I would like to have your comments on the issue too.

Thank you all.

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