XPS m1210 7400go Windows 7 64 bit driver issue fix

I had recently upgraded to windows 7 home premium. I had all divers installed other than the Nvidia Geforce go 7400 graphics chip. This particular chip has troubled me since so many years with all the 64 bit versions of windows whether Xp or Vista or 7. I had a beta version of forceware from Nvidia’s website 178.49 which seemed to solve the purpose but had one major issue.


After some hours of running normaly it would stop responding and the computer wud freeze take a minute and recover back. This made the whole machine sluggish and I needed to restart again and again. I simply hate restarting my computer. There have been times when it kept running for more than two weeks at a stretch.

To resolve the driver stopped responding issue I googled some and came to know on Nvidia forum that many other also face the same issue on Geforce go 7400 and several others face similar issue with a variety of cards just because of the drivers lacking full support for windows 7 64 bit.

Here is a fix for the Geforce go 7400.

Download the drivers version 196.21 from laptopvideo2go.com

Download both the driver and modified inf file.

Extract the driver to a comfortable location.

Copy the downloaded nv_disp.inf and replace it with the one found in the folder where you extracted the driver .

Move the downloaded nv_disp.inf (176K) file into the 196.21_win7×64 folder to replace the older nv_disp.inf file in that folder. – as suggested by Kate

First uninstall the installed driver

Run the setup.exe and you would be prompted to install or abort as this is not WHQL certified driver.It might happen that the driver takes longer than normal to install. Be patient and let it finish.

Restart when the setup asks you to.

nvidia installed

And you are done. Enjoy 🙂

After installing the new patched driver from laptopvideo2go there has beena significant improvement in the performance and response of my XPS m1210 aka Minimachine. Also the directx version displayed by the driver changed from 10 to 11. This is a must fix for all XPS m1210 owners with windows 7 64 bit.

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