Success needs Breaks;)

Think Big: Remember, success always comes to those who really want to succeed in life. So, don’t be afraid to think big. And then, plan ahead to achieve all that you are dreaming of.

Plan your career: A lot of people keep cribbing about how success keeps eluding them. The most common reason they cite is that their boss is not helping them succeed. However, the problem is most people don’t spend much time in analyzing which direction their career has taken and if it is running on track.

It is very easy to lose sight of your goal and the path you need to tread on. Sit down and chalk out a fresh career plan. Where am I? And, where do I want to reach in X number of years? Only you can decide on that and execute it. But if you truly think that your senior is the reason for you not reaching where you want to be, then communicate and clear the air.

Be Bold: Learn to face challenges. Some may prove to be tough obstacles right upfront, while others may not be so straight forward. But a true go-getter is a person who can take on whatever is dished out to him/her of you have any issues with your colleagues, be bold enough to raise them and clear them out.

Work as you have fun: But it’s just the opposite what most end up doing. So, make sure you’re serious when you sit down to work. Enjoy the weekends and work hard during the week. Go for regular outings parties, long drives, etc. Choose something that gives you maximum fun on your day off and come back rejuvenated.

If you think you deserve more, make sure you demand it. Most employees lose out on getting good salaries and desired posts because they never open their mouths. Communicate what you think should be yours and let your work justify the need.

Take a break:

You can’t possibly work 9 to 5 without a break, so don’t pretend yourselves and us. Work Life can be quite a drab if you don’t take time off during the day to unwind and break-free. And it is not about just going to wash room or coffee break. Be a little more creative and you will find a host of breaks staring you in the force. Indulge in them and you will find yourself staying light years away from stress.

Recreations break: Most companies these days have a recreation room well equipped with a carrom board, table tennis, pool table etc. Make it a point to spend at least half-an-hour there. If you do not have a recreation room at your office, try alternative ways of unwinding. Log on to, Yahoo / MSN Games or check out Or pick up a newspaper for the cartoon strips.

Wash room Break: Don’t underestimate the efficacy of one. Whether it is to catch up on your afternoon siesta or to enjoy your own space, a loo break can do wonders. Even 2-3 minutes away from the maddening crowd at work is enough, it eases frayed eves.

Lunch break: Doesn’t matter what’s in your Tiffin box, half-an-hour away from work with your colleagues can really charge you up. Just make sure you don’t discuss work. Discussing colleagues is allowed though. In fact, you might have already found out that it is quite therapeutic.

Coffee break: If you want to distress coffee is the thing for you. It makes for a great gossip drink and also has the potential of keeping your eyeballs open. Moreover, you can take this break as often as you want.

Ideation break: If you are in the creative line, you need this break. Turn on your favorite music and spend a good 15 minutes thinking of ideas and developing them. If you are not the creative type, plan your day or week ahead.

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