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I … [hmmm I need to change the starting style most of my posts start with I].

This is for all twitter users who like to tweet all the cool stuff which is found on the internet. Now there are two ways to tweet the info you like.

You use twitter on website.

>So you copy text you want to tweet and paste into the twitter box.

>Then you copy the url/link.

>Goto any url shortening service website to get a shortened url and copy that.

>Paste that in twitter box

>And finally click update. whoaa… thats too tiring… at least for me…

The second way is use some twitter client like tweetdeck that saves a step by shortening the url by itself. But still if u want to share a lot of good stuff then it becomes tiring.

I always wanted to have an application that allowed to me to highlight the text to be tweeted and if that text contained a link then that link should be shortened and appended to the end of the tweet.

I asked a few friends how to go about developing it on my own… As its a well proven fact that I am a lazy person so I waited for this kind of app to be developed and kept checking continously and today I have found one.

Ladies and gentlemen, bloggers and tweeple let me intoroduce to you a firefox addon which does just what I had wanted to develop and in a better manner… the mighty TINYTWEET


This add-on gives you the power of twitter at your mouse pointer!
Simply highlight any text inside of any web page, and a “tweet this” button will appear. Click it, and an automatically generated link is created, and the selected text is ready to be tweeted!

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