The Bird, The Book and The Buzz

There were days when I was happy with my phone and email, conversing with my friends and sharing updates of my blogs very frequntly. Then came this new bird on the block. This birdie promised to deliver your updates to several people, sounded cool, so I got a birdie for me. This little birdie was able to carry a small snippet of just 140 charchters but that served the purpose very well. This birdie also helped several url shortners to grow. Indeed the Birdie helped people alot. The Angel Birdie.
This angel had so many hidden powers that other tried to imitate the birdies power as and when these powers became apparent.
First on the line was The Facebook, which had started as a web based yearbook for schools and colleges. They tried to match the birdies features feather by feather and also added in some more colorful feather from Raven of likeness and commenting. They came up with a book which allowed you to write messages in themagical cyber ink and those messages automatically appeared on the pages of your friends books as if by magic.
While the birdie was busy delivering updates to people and the book was overflowing with likes and comments some one was watching the birdie fly high and Facebook spread worldwide through their wonderful goggles riding their own wave of happiness. But some flaw in their surfboard didnt allow them to qualify for the race.

But these people, the cool people, they are too good and believe me they really are. If you have seen a computer and haven’t heard about them then you must be some ALF [read Alien Life Form]. These people with colorful shaded have always been following the funda of getting the intel from the successful people if they are behind schedule. They did this the very first time for their most succesful Ad based revenue model of the wolrd till date. [If you still havent got it, we are talking about Google and Overture.] Now we have tried to make a crude model to show you all that how they did it.


They took the best pieces from everywhere and made the huge <ding> ahh … The Buzz. This buzz allows you to post to lenghts that make you happy, seriously way large post compared to 140 of our little birdie and 420 of the Book and the best part is you get it delivered in you inbox.
This is just the begining and as someone had said that this internet will change the way the economies work, markets dictate terms and people interact with each other. We guess the time has come for us to witness a new phenomenon.
Lets all wait and watch and we at MtaraM would be bringing you more from The Birdie, The Book and The BUZZ.

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