You know you are at SCIT when… by Jassi

You know you are in when…

1. Classes start at 7 in the morning, you skip bath and more importantly you skip your breakfast, rush full swing, forget to carry your notebook along and somehow manage to reach at 7:25 only to find that the class has been cancelled / postponed.
You sigh for a moment and then mutter BC.

2. Once in a blue moon you make a visit to the notice-board with the hope of finding a note saying something about holidays, what you find instead is the time-table fluffing you with the horrible timing of the classes 7-10, 12-2, 5-7.
Makes you wonder if that’s their optimum time-utilization algorithm or a conspiracy to keep students’ asses stuck to the campus.

3. You have more batch-meets than the lectures. And the same old Gyaan (read: shit) is repeated in all of them.
Peculiarly, all batch-meets set-out with a scary notion of mandatory attendance.

4. Class is going on, you peep-out from the window to see pretty ladies playing basket-ball. You feel the urge to jump out of the window but couldn’t gather the balls. You start fantasizing, and the teacher asks you to explain what he had just explicated.

5. You find no time to eat or to sleep; but there’s always enough time to watch an episode of “Prison Break” or “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” or to catch-up a movie.

6. Every pretty girl you see on the campus turns out to be either from SIIB or from SCMHRD.

7. Dinner menu at the mess may flash Chicken Masala or Chicken Tawa or Chicken Hariyali or Chicken Whatever; the taste is ditto.

8. 90% of the teachers that teach you are the alumni of SCIT itself. The rest 10% couldn’t find a job elsewhere.

9. You find more committees than the committee-members.

10. The only time pupils are seen in formals is either when there’s a GL or a company is visiting for interns / placement.
No wonder why this phenomenon is rare.

11. The one who copied the assignment gets more marks than the one who devised it.

12. SCIT conceives in the idea of “No books”. SCITians believes (have to) that “Google is God and Googling is worship”.

13. You see Romeos and Juliets cuddling around cozily in the college buses.
Their motto: Tel lagaye duniya, hum bajayenge harmuniya :X

14. The answer sheet in the exams compels you to answer a 10 marks question in barely half a page, and a 5 marks question to answer in 2 full length pages.

15. Sachin hits a century and you hear screams all around “Mighty Mighty SCIT”.

by Jaswinder

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