Valentine Bid

bid for a valentine

BID for a valentine

Background: Since the days of Adam and Eve there has always been an effort to rejoice on V-day, however there has always been a strong objection from either party involved and more often the clients here after referred as people from Venus.


To help the people from Mars identify a suitable association/alliance with one of the person from Venus for maintaining a long term strategic partnership in the future.


This involved the procedure only for the preliminary steps of the process and in no way is associated with the after effects or any unsuitable consequences resulting in a full time strategic merger or off springing of a new entity.


The costing and the methodology will depend entirely on the client’s strategy and exposure due to inherent dynamic nature of the sector. Approximately a four figure number.

The bidder has the exclusive rights to terminate the contract in case the performance of the client fails to meet the negotiated matrix.

inspiration from Mommy, crafted by Utk and RR

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