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Tweepi has 4 tools so far, with more to come:

1. Geeky Follow Utility: follow active and sociable users with the same interests as yourself

There are too many people out there using Twitter for an infinite variety of reasons and to share a wide collection of topics ranging from business, to cooking, dancing, technology and so on. The most common way to find and add people with the same interests as you, is to find a popular tweeple within your area of interest, say “@mashable” or “@techcrunch” for technology news, and add people who follow these known users.

This tool helps you filter these people – the geeky way, with numbers in a table – based on their activity and sociability, and follow only quality twitterers. Geeky Follow Tool Geeky Follow Tool 

2. Geeky Flush Utility: teach users who do not follow you back a lesson by unfollowing them

Many users on Twitter feel that if a user does not follow them back, it’s somehow insulting. This utility is designed to “teach those users a lesson by unfollowing them” with just a few clicks. Bulk Flush Tool Bulk Flush Tool 

3. Geeky Reciprocate Utility: follow your followers back with a few clicks

It takes a really long time to find all the users you’re not following on Twitter and then following each one back individually! This tool helps you find all the users that follow you, but you do not follow back, and enables you to follow them back with a click of a button. Reciprocate Tool Reciprocate Tool 

4. Geeky Cleanup Utility: filter deadbeat (and useless) tweeples and unfollow them

So, you’re following a few thousand people on Twitter. You must have noticed that many of these users do not engage in conversations, never retweet anybody, or simply just ramble about nonsense stuff all day long (no links to useful content whatsoever!). You can use Tweepi’s geeky cleanup tool to filter these people out and unfollow them.

Geeky Cleanup enables you to clean-up and unfollow annoying tweeples. It lists the users you’re following with information about each, and you can just pick whom to unfollow from the list!

Tweepi's Bulk Cleanup Utility Bulk Cleanup Utility 

Why do we call it “geeky”?

Tweepi Presets helps you pick better tweeps Tweepi Presets help you pick better tweeps 

That’s simple. I built Tweepi the way I would prefer other services to work – with numbers. I like to know how many tweets a person sent the last week, how many RT’s he made/received, and so on. The list of numbers that I was able to think of and was implemented in is:

  • Followers
  • Following
  • Updates
  • Tweets last 1 week *
  • Replies sent by user *
  • RTs done *
  • Links tweeted *
  • Replies received *
  • Times retweeted by others *
  • [replies sent] to [replies received] ratio *
  • [followers] to [following] ratio *
  • Links tweeted ratio *

The (*) means that they are limited to the last 7 days.

Of course you can sort the table anyway you want, customize what columns are hidden/shown or use one of the presets to order people by: activity last 7 days, reach/influence (RT and get RT’ed much), twitterers who discuss much (compare replies), higher followers to following ratio or avoid linkless ramblings!

Why Tweepi is a bit geeky? Because it shows numbers! Why Tweepi is a bit geeky? Because it shows numbers – not just blind suggestions! 

How to use Tweepi?

I added some tool tips around the site to help explain how some of the features work. Each of the presets is explained in a tool tip, as well as how to select multiple users. Just hover your mouse above the relevant text. A “Frequently Asked Questions”/FAQ section will be added soon.

 Tweepi is in, as we like to call it “very much a beta” mode. You might find small bugs around the system, and we’d appreciate it if you’d report them to us using the “Feedback” button to the right of all pages of

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