Twitoaster | Easier way to manage @plies on Twitter.

I have been on Twitter for more than a year now [I guess so, let me check ! yea its been 424 days. Check when you did here]. There have been so many features coming up and getting lost and there are alot many that I would like to have. The major issue I faced was of tracking the replies untill I got to know about

What is Twitoaster?

Twitoaster threads and archives your twitter conversations, bringing you all the background, context and statistics you need. It’s all about improving & optimizing the way you communicate with your followers.

Conversation threading Twitoaster groups replies and retweets with the tweets that inspired them, displaying threaded discussions.
Analytics charts and statistics Twitoaster provides analytics and statistics, helping you to tweet at the right time.
Conversational search engine Twitoaster archives and indexes all your conversations in a conversational search engine.

How can I use Twitoaster?

Twitoaster uses the OAuth twitter authentication system, so you don’t have to give away your account credentials. Simply log in with twitter and you’re all set!

Who is using Twitoaster?

The service is often used by journalists, bloggers or companies who need to collect, organize and keep a track of their Twitter mentions. But anyone interested in his followers reactions and replies is a Twitoaster potential users.

Most of them use Twitoaster to manage their replies and be sure they won’t miss anything. Some of them are also using it to know what day of the week, or time of day, produce the most replies. Others use it as a CRM, a survey / poll tool, or directly as their main twitter client…

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