Basic difference between a Mother and a Mother in law


A family where lives a husband, a wife , a kid and a mother in law. The housewife daughter in law from her homely work got tired and had a  thought to eat food outside with her husband. She had already prepared food for night. The husband came back in evening. The Wife put forward her desire to go out for eating outside as they had not taken food in restaurant from past three months. The son said to his mom, “Mom, Reva feels like eating outside today, I think I shall take her out.” Mother said, “ The food is already prepared, don’t waste it and it’s already late. Tell her she can go out some other time. And how can you fulfill all her wishes without giving  it a thought.”

Life moved on. Next month the  mother was very happy  as her daughter was coming with her husband. She came and was greeted with warm welcome.  At night, around 11, everyone was chatting in one room and eating Gulabjamun. Suddenly  the daughter had a feeling to eat iceream, which she expressed to her husband. The husband without any thoughts asked for cars key and went out to purchase it. Mother in law exclaimed with happiness, “  Wow, what a son in law. He takes care of my daughter soo much, fulfilling all her wishes and desires. He is no doubts a wonderful husband.”

Alas, we can see the difference soo clearly!.

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