E63 essential keybord shortcuts

I recently had bought an E 63. I like my phone very much but the major issue that I faced was of selecting multiple files. Everytime I had to do so I had to go through the options menu and then one fine day [err night] while playing with the keyboard I found some shortcuts which I am listing here. [I read the manuals when all else fails 😉 ].

Nokia E63

Shift+Enter to Mark/Unmark files or sms or such things.

Ctrl+Shift Toggles predictive text input.

Shift+Backspace To delete charachter after cursor.

Ctrl+Up/Down To jump paragraphs.

Ctrl+Left/Right To jump per word.

To select multiple objects that are in continous order just Shift+Up/Down depending on your requirement.

If you know of more useful shortcuts please leave a comment.

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