Basic Instincts

Basic Instinct…..the first thing that comes to our mind is Sharon Stone. But what are Basic Instincts for any life form! And how many basic instincts are there? I tried to find out the answer for the first question on search engines, asked few friends and got various answers. But all agree on one thing that all life form on earth, be it a bacteria or a complex cell form, be it an animal or a plant, a human or a beast, we all are controlled by self-preservation and urge for procreation.

Self preservation can be as simple as the urge to eat food to as complex activity as to form alliances for mutual benefits. In simpler terms, it’s our will to live, to protect ourselves and guard ourselves from getting hurt. As the complexities of organisms increase so does their self preservation activities. From a simple physical self preservation of plants and animals, to much more complex emotional self preservation of humans in addition to their physical self preservation, it can take different forms.

The second basic instinct is that of procreation. Simply put: reproduction. Each and every species on this planet is in a race to bring another of its kind into the world. This instinct is so legendary that I need not spend more bytes on it.

Almost each and everything we do is governed by these two basic instincts.

So, the answer to the second question, that asked how many basic instincts are there, could be two.

Hmmmm, two basic instincts…

but every other animal on this planet has these, so, what happened to us in the timeline, that made us grow into a super species.

Today we almost rule this planet. So, was there any third basic instinct that has lead us towards such complexties, as religion and science.

Its our instinct to seek answers.

The desire to know more.

Aima @ Spontaneous Abstractions

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