Mafia Wars Cuba items update

Jobs in Cuba have loot drops just as they do in NY. Some of these are necessary to complete jobs in upper levels and some are just added weapons or vehicles that increase character profiles. The loot drops are as follows:

El Soldado

– Intimidate the Locals – Street Gang Member
– Smuggle in Some Supplies – Garza 9
– Establish Contact with the FRG – RA-92
– Assault a Snitch’s Hideout – Mara Serpiente

El Capitan

– Transport a Shipment of US Arms – M16A1
– Meet with the FRG Leadership – Camouflage Body Armour
– Ambush a Military Patrol – Chucho FAV
– Capture an Army Outpost – RU-38
– Ransack a Local Plantation – Cane Knife
– Burn Down a Hacienda – Ocelot Armored Truck

El Jefe

– Shake Down a Hotel Owner – Montaine 300
– Help the FRG Steal a Truckload of Weapons – Para 322
– Pillage a Shipyard – Gaff Hook
– Take Over the Docks – Cigarette Boat

El Patron

– Pass on Some Intel to the FRG – ASC 45 “Conquistador”
– Sink a Competing Smugglers Ship – Mini Sub
– Assassinate an Opposing Consigliere – Aquila HV .50 Sniper Rifle
– Raid the Arms Depot – TNT
– Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle – Guerilla Squad
– Capture the Airport – Si-14 Cargo Plane
– Attack the Army Command Post – HU-9 Helicopter
– Storm the Presidential Palace – Armored State Car

The loot drops in Cuba become vital to game play due to the number of items needed to complete some of the jobs.

Mafia Wars Cuba is still in Beta and only being played by a portion of Mafia Wars players. Game play in Cuba is subject to change as the creators add to or modify the way it is played.

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