Reliance Netconnect Broadband+

ADA group company Reliance Communications Limited announced the launch of its CDMA wireless broadband service, Reliance Netconnect Broadband Plus in Lucknow.

Netconect broadband service will be available in 35 cities covering 20,000 towns and 4.5 lakh villages as well as major road and rail routes across the country covering 99 per cent of India’s internet population.


Reliance Communications Circle Head of network operations Shishir Shyam said, “Netconnect broadband plus has a peak downlink speed of up to 3.1 Mbps and a separate uplink speed of up to 1.8 Mbps, which is 30 per cent higher downlink rate as compared to any other wireless broadband offering.

I tested the connection in Relience Web world and the speed test results were

1677 Kbps download speed

255 Kbps upload speed

This is real good but the limit on the unlimited plan of 10 GB and the very high price plans will pull back the customers.

I my self am planning to get one for me. Lets see because lot more plans are to be unveiled and many more would be started form 1 May,2009.

This is what they say and now lets see what was the reality.

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