Generic host win32 error revisited

Shortly after doing a clean install, and while installing various programs,
I’m getting a “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error”. I close the
notification window and everything appears okay. However I then noticed that
my audio devices are no longer accessible. The device manager shows no
problems, but the options in the control panel are greyed out. The problem
is fixed, at least temporarily by reinstalling the audio drivers. Someone I
know is also experiencing the same problem. Both are XP SP2 systems.

I took a look around the net and I get the impression that it’s an error
related to one of the MS updates, and that there’s a fix for it, either a
revised update or a patch.

I’m trying to figure out what the cause
was. I have done 3 clean installs now and the error repeats itself in all 3
of them. Since I’ve have never seen this error in any previous installs, and
I’ve done quite a few, it has to have a cause because of something that is
now different. The fact that I know someone else experiencing the same thing
is interesting.

I have been fighting this for awhile. But I fixed it. The problem isn’t
with the Audio Drivers, but with a Corrupt installation of the Software
Firewall you are running. In my case McAfee Personal Firewall 8.0. I went
back to version 7.1.113.

Try this: Uninstall the Software Firewall and make sure the Windows XP on after you reboot. Then go using Explore, delete all files in
your \Temp Folders. Close Explore and run Disk Cleanup.

Once you run Disk Cleanup, go into Tools for the operating system’s Hard
Drive and schedule a complete chkdsk at boot.

Then I used TuneUp Utilities 2006’s Registry Cleaner, running it until I
had zero Errors. 30-Day Trial version is available.

When done, reboot the computer.

Problem: When Svchost.exe closes, it stops all Services it controls.
Therefore, it stops Windows Audio Service.

1. The error appears on other people’s computers too.
2. After the error message the audio properties are greyed out.
3. System sounds continue to be heard as usual.
4. The error appears even after a clean install and just after installing
network drivers.
5. Some forums suggest a buffer overun attack via port 80 (which is usually
6. I’m really familiar with the software on my computer.
7. I’ve done countless windows installs in the past without seeing this

I did a search on the MS site for any patches dealing with buffer overuns
and found bulletin MS06-040 and it’s associated patch KB921883.

I then applied the patch under the following two conditions:

1. During a clean install of windows, just before installing drivers
(including network). The error did not appear and everything continues to
work well.

2. After getting the error message on another machine; disconnected from the
net (by pulling the cable), reset audio services via services.msc, applied
the patch and then reconnected to the net. Have not seen the error message

Hope this also helps others with this problem.

fix from microsoft here

Its not my article i compiled it from various sources

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