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Use PS3 to play content stored on Computer

ps3 media server 3
Before we proceed I would request you to note down the MAC address of your PS3 You can find your PS3 MAC address in 1) System Setting > System Information 2) Network Settings. (Scroll towards bottom) Once you note down the Mac address then on your PC go...
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Launcher 7

I had a look at windows mobile 7 phone and I was hooked at the user interface. Since then I was looking for something that could change my Galaxy 3 home screen to windows 7 tiled home screen. And then I found Launcher 7. It is more than...
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Windows 7 64 bit demystified

win7 64
Windows 7 represents the first viable upgrade from Windows XP for PC users in many ways, especially considering that Vista was largely overlooked due to various problems with compatibility and performance.  For engineering and scientific applications, the combination of Windows 7 (64-bit) and the latest version of LabVIEW...
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Windows 7 and Snow Leopaprd head to head

Both windows 7 and Snow Leopard have been on the board for quite some time and bow lets pitch them head to head and see if they are worth the upgrade. Interface Both operating systems have improved the user experience, and which one you prefer is largely a...
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Windows 7 zero day exploit

A security researcher has said there is a zero-day vulnerability affecting Windows 7 and Vista. The flaw in Windows 7 could allow an attack which would cause a critical system error, or “Blue Screen of Death”, according to researcher Laurent Gaffie. Gaffie wrote in his blog that the...
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Story of windows 7 blue fish

As Microsoft has given green light to the public downloads of Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000, millions of testers will be greeted by the new default wallpapers of the operating system, featuring none other than the Siamese fighting fish. In fact, Windows 7 has been offering users...
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Windows 7 tricks and secrets

Lately I installed windows 7 on my xps 1210 and its awesome. I had been discovering small tricks in win 7 and then I stumbled upon to this mega tricks list of the OS on msdn blogs. Enjoy. Windows Management. By now, you’ve probably seen that Windows 7...
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Microsoft Windows 7 scam

Today I came across this website www.windows7giveaway.com which promises to give away a free copy of windows 7 ultimate if you pay $25 as the shipping cost. This looks like a very attractive deal. One of our friends from Pune startups group took the initiative to verify it...
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Ten Things To Know About Windows 7

Here are the top 10 things to know about Windows 7:   1 – Application compatibility The Windows Vista operating system introduced architectural changes down to the kernel level that made the OS inherently more secure than Windows XP. However, this came at a cost; many applications needed...
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