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Unobot 1–My First Bot

My first obstacle avoiding bot based on the tutorial by Community of robots. This is my first one and helped me learn a bit about sensors, feedback and servo operations. One difference in mine is the use of IR proximity sensor which I had lying around instead of...
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LASER Projector

I was fascinated by LASERs when I first went to IIT Kanpur during my school days. Since then I have been reading / playing a lot with LASERs. My first one was a LASER trip wire and then a LASER pattern generator. It all was around 10 years...
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Arduino – Digital Thermometer

LCDs facinate me very much. The second thing I did with my Arduino and the 16×2 LCD was to hook it up as per this schematic and try to say hi Then I used the same logic to display the temperature. Things used for this project are Arduino...
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Arduino – 7 segment Dice

digital dice
I have been waiting to play with embedded programming since and recently ordered an Arduino. I tested the spare LCD and displays with the normal tutorial commands and went step by step remeber the thing about slow and steady! I want to build a vector LASER projector and...
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Anna Hazare Fasts in Mumbai for Better Lokpal

Anna Hazare Tuesday started a three-day fast for a strong Lokpal, while Prime Minister Manmohan Singh defended the government’s proposed ombudsman following an opposition onslaught. As MPs furiously debated the pros and cons of the Lokpal bill in the Lok Sabha, Team Anna urged Parliament to dump the...
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A Study on Physical Gold and Gold ETF

Stock Market has lead to tendency of many to go in for much safer investments that gives a reasonable return. This is the reason for gold gaining popularity as one of the safest avenues for investment. Gold has always held importance as a good investment proposition since the...
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Understanding Form 16

Most of us are aware of Form 16 given by our employers before April 30th each year that give details of the income earned, and tax deducted at source and paid to the government. This certificate proves useful in filing income tax returns. In addition banks also issuing...
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Insurance For Home Makers

It has always been a question of common belief that the male member or the bread winner of the family only needs to be insured. This belief has emerged due to the fact that the financial interests of the other dependent family memebers had to be protected in...
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Galaxy Nexus: Android with a soul

Like the T-1000 standing in a sea of Arnolds, the Galaxy Nexus is better, faster and smarter than any other Android phone on the market. Not that current Android phones fall short in machine power. Rather, much like the androids of the silver screen, the operating system has...
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