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  1. Seagate Goflex Home Enable Torrents

    F1 and WQ

  2. Are your 7 Chakras open? Test and find out!


  3. WordPress Tricks to Improve Your Blog

    Yes my service provider is crappy… will change in next contract….

  4. Cyber security Basics for Beginners

    Sure, can do. Have sent you an email.

  5. XPS m1210 7400go Windows 7 64 bit driver issue fix

    176.xx beta

  6. Environmental Advertisements

    Sorry for the late reply, please get in touch with me on my email and I would help you out.

  7. Figures of growth of Digital Market in INDIA

    I sure would like to, sorry for so late reply, mail me for details.

  8. 10 New Indian Web Startups worth mentioning

    Captcha is a deterrent for me to comment on other blogs so I chose to remove it…

  9. Environmental Advertisements

    It is Worpress with Magazibe basic theme edited to suit my needs.

  10. FIXED Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem........

    I was totally fed up with tis virus hence the post

  11. Do You Do Your Regular Financial Check-ups?

    Totally agree with you, but ever since I started to work as solution architecht, time is hard to find :(

  12. LLP in India - benefits and how to.

    Thanks :) I would be happy to do it.

  13. LASER Projector

    Thanks Nik. One of the tutorials about DC motor driver with L293 was the inspiration for this one. Will Post more projects as I make them. Do let me know the dates for the upcoming competetion.

  14. Generic Host Process for Win32 Services and internet stops

    You can use :)

  15. Google Places - Your local business on Google

    Please go ahead :)

  16. Facebook privacy controls

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  17. Success... Worth absorbing!

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  18. Not able to open drives on hard disk by double click

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  19. Arvind Kejriwal :- social activist and crusader for greater transparency in Government

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  20. Arvind Kejriwal :- social activist and crusader for greater transparency in Government

    Thanks for sharing the info.

  21. Airtel vs Aircel for iPhone 4

    Point noted, thanks for mentioning.

  22. Say no to Low End Android Phones

    I totally agree with you. Mine is Galaxy 3, I have tested Galaxy S too and HTC desire, the conclusion drawn here is after what I felt after using all the 3…. Android can run on cheap phones but never with all bells and whistles… So for android better hardware is the way to go or else everything slows down over time….

  23. Yet another snag in Airtel service

    I agree with you… have faced tha same

  24. Yet another snag in Airtel service

    As ususal… some one comes up to write something and lets see if it goes on or goes off…

  25. Import Orkut Birthdays to Google Calender

    Currently I dont get much time to update the blog… but I make sure that I post once a week…. Thanks for the visit… keep visiting :)