Introducing Rhydemz

Hi People….

We have got a new scribler for our blog. Ridhima Capoor aka Rhydemz….

A Simple female…. a True Leo… 26th july [dont forget to wish her] One of my old school friends… Asked her to write for us just like that and she agreed… I am so happy….  She has brought in a new perspective to our blog… What ever she has written or is going to write in future is going to be totally different from what all we have been writing till now. Hope you all continue reading our blog and enjoy…

We are awaiting your valuable feedback and comments.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Rhydemz”

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  2. Hi Utlpal… Thanks a lot for your appreciation… Its these appiring words of our reader who have brought us this far… You can mail me with your queries and I would help u in in the best way I can…

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